1. Zippo

    Valves and bike identification

    Hello! Im getting mad valve clatter out of my right cylinder. Its not as bad as it once was. I adjusted the valves per the manual but going down the wormhole on the forums I now am wondering what engine I have. The title says 82' and I have adjustable valves so that should mean SOHC right? But...
  2. N

    Wanted - New Valves for SOHC engine

    Hey all, I'm looking for a NEW set of valves for my 1978 Yamaha XS400. One of my exhaust valves is bent and they are all worn beyond getting the stem resurfaced. The OE part numbers are: 1L9-12111-02 INTAKE VALVE 1L9-12121-02 EXHAUST VALVE They are no longer avaliable from Yamaha in Japan...
  3. axl_foley

    new issue: idles perfectly but on throttle, pops loudly and fires unevenly

    hey! these forums have helped me do so much work on this bike over the past year or two and i had it running beautifully. but i recently moved to CA and brought the bike in the back of a moving truck. there was atleast one giant bump i hit where i thought everything in the back of the truck...
  4. Monowakari

    Clatter/Noise And Compression

    Hey, Changed my oil and adjusted valve clearances yesterday, now valves all within spec. Took a video before right cylinder intake valve was set properly. Didnt like the sound so went back over and checked all clearances. I just did a poor job on one of them (was .003 out! on an intake valve...
  5. Monowakari

    Valve Train Noise '78 - w/Video

    Hey Guys, Just wondering how normal this engine noise is? I moved my phone around a bit just to pick up the variety of the sound around the cylinder head. Increases with rpms all the way up through 5th gear at highway speeds. My dad's a harley mechanic and I sent him the video but I thought...
  6. BBS360

    Valve Guide and Valve replacement

    Hey guys, Through an unfortunate event (read: stupidity) I need to replace a valve guide. Just wanted to double-check before ordering parts. -If I'm doing one it's probably best to do them all, eh? -The combustion chamber is super dirty. Should I have a shop remove the old valve guides, clean...
  7. mike12374

    yet another valve adjustment question

    Hey everyone. First of all let me say this a very helpful and useful forum. This topic may have been covered so if it has call me a dumbass and point me I the right direction. My question is aimed at the brains on this site houghhandmade, drewpy, ext. So I hope you guys can help. I was doing...
  8. B

    head swap went well until I hit a snag

    so the head swap went well until I realized the motor wouldnt turn over easily. I took off the cam cover box and noticed one of the cam lobs was hung up on the rocker arm. so I put the cam cover back on and opened up the inspection over on top and backed it off. The motor turned alittle more but...