xs400 1982

  1. Ben Thompson

    82 XS400J/Maxim - Oil Problem - Top end not getting oil

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I recenetly bought my first ever motorcycle. Eager as a pig in shit to get going. 1982 XS400 Maxim that has been modified with 33,000kms.Previous Owner Upgraded/Mofidied: I have uploaded a picture of the original and one of the bike currently. Headlight...
  2. lilxs400

    Can someone help me out with this wiring dilemma.

    Hello everyone I am new here my name is Gabe I am 21 years old and from WA! I came across a motorcycle my mother has had for years and years sitting in pieces under a tarp turns out it was a 1982 XS400SJ, to make a long story short I pieced everything back together cleaned the head and put it...
  3. A

    82 xs400 bobber no spark

    Hey guys, i have a 82 xs400 he that has no spark i checked coils at 3.5 ohms on primary couldnt get anything on either coil for secondary i ended up having bad spark boots on both sides so that might have been why havent re checked but the bike lights up and it seem like im getting power to the...
  4. motojoss

    Powerful enough?

    Hey! Soo... There´s a good looking xs400 for sale for around 700$. Thinking of turning it into a scrambler-ish kinda bike. I´m a little above 5´8, 64kg/130lbs and 14 yrs old, don´t start laughing, not yet xD. Been working with a "couple" of bikes recently, an old Soviet 350cc 2-stroke, Soviet...