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Volcomskater77 XS400 build

Check out Volcomsakter77's low-budget XS400 build. It's a 1979 Yamaha XS400 that he picked up with a seized engine for $150.

See the build thread for all of details and pictures!

It's a long thread, so here's a direct link to the post with the final pictures.

Volcomskater77 XS400 bobber build

XS400 Enduro/Hybrid/Sidecar

Check out this beautiful XS400 powered dual sport built by Seth Hensler (member MILLENNIUM FALCON) from Pennsylvania.

Seth's creation started with an '81 XS400 he found on Craigslist for $275. He originally was going to build a tracker, but later decided he wanted to build a dual sport and started looking for another donor bike for the frame and suspension. He was lucky to find an '85 XT350 with a ton of extra parts for $100 from his dad's neighbor. Over the next winter Seth spent countless nights in his garage fabricating and welding. He said "I think my neighbors were expecting iron man to emerge from my garage/basement". Seth fabricated the rear subframe, engine cradle, handlebars, and exhaust headers, and did all of the work on the bike himself except for sewing the seat.

The bike is a frankenbike with parts from several different motorcycles. The engine is from an '81 XS400, the frame is from an '85 XT350, the rear brakes are from an '01 DRZ, the rear hub is from a '94 YZ250, and the mufflers are from an '05 CR250F. He added a Trail Tech Vapor dash, new tires, and a new rear rim, and later upgraded the XT350 forks to some modern upside-down motocross forks.

So then Seth decided he wanted to take on another build, but without having the money for new bike, he decided to build a sidecar! With a lot help from ADVrider, he took on the sidecar project using the swingarm from the XS400 frame and a sidecar body from an old Ural that he drove up to New York to pick up. He fabricated a subframe and full custom frame for the sidecar and painted everything to match the bike. Great job on the bike and sidecar Seth!

Check out the build thread for more details and pictures!

See the sidecar build thread!

Click to enlarge:

XS400.com T-Shirts! (Presale Ends July 22nd)

People have been patiently waiting for XS400.com T-shirts and they are finally ready to order! The t-shirt designs were created and voted on by members of the site. A presale is being held to make sure everyone gets the exact garment, size, and color they want. The presale will go until 11pm CST on Monday July 22nd. After the presale, only a few extra shirts will be ordered, so colors and sizes will be extremely limited. To make sure you get the shirts you want, order today!

View Presale Announcement and Comments

xs400.com t-shirt designs

FUBAR's XS400 Chopper

Check out Fubar's chopper! Here's what he had to say about the bike:

"I purchased a 1981 special not running with a spare engine in pieces for $400 bucks on the outskirts of town here in Edmonton AB Canada. The frame was chopped, leaving the stock steering neck and down tubes. I ordered Travis' hardtail kit and converted the triple back bone to a single (see the build thread for details). I had the old school rigid style in mind when I custom made the seat pan, riveted on leather ass pads, and bent up the tall sissy bar topped with a '50s style light.

The tank is off a '73 Sportster. I removed the old paint and tried to mimic a rough '30s era mercury fender sitting in my garage. The controls and brake linkages, the electronic box, coil mounts, seat hinge, battery tray, wiring, fender, and pipes are home made in my garage. The engine has a fresh set of rings and new gaskets all around. The bike is loud as hell and I'm always getting the thumbs up.  Hope you like it."

Veiw the build thread!

FUBAR's Yamaha XS400 hardtail chopper

We Have a Winner!

The winner for the Mike's XS rim giveaway has been announced!

You Could Win a Free Set of Rims from Mike's XS!

Mike's XS has tons of rims back in stock and is giving a free set to one lucky XS400.com member! You choose the two you want and shipping is even covered to members located in the lower 48 states!

To enter into the drawing, all you need to do is post in the giveaway thread by 11pm CST on July 15, 2012. Yes it's that easy!

Mike's XS Rim Giveaway

A Turbo on an XS400? Yep!

XS400 / XS250 turbocharged Okay, well it's actually an XS250 with the cylinders and head from an XS400... and soon a turbo! lcgtr from Western Australia is taking on the project using a turbo from a smart car. Read more and follow along as the project comes together!

Rewire How-To

XS400 rewire how to Need some ideas on how to go about rewiring your XS400 project? Drewpy planned out his rewiring job for his tracker very carefully and was kind enough to document and share the process. View the write-up.

XS400 Board Tracker

Check out this sexy ride! Motorlou built this custom XS400 for a customer last fall. This Simplex Servi-Cycle inspired motorcycle is a piece of art with every detail well thought out and executed perfectly. Beautiful bike Lou!  You really did an outstanding job on this one.  We look forward to seeing your future creations!

See pictures of the build process!

Lou's Yamaha XS400 Board Tracker
Photo by Daddio (current owner), Motorcycle by Motorlou.

Giveaway from Parts N More: $50 credit toward parts!

Parts N More $50 giveaway Parts N More is giving away a $50 credit toward any of the parts they carry to one lucky XS400.com member!

It's free to enter the drawing! Entries must be received by 11pm CST on January 22nd, 2012 to qualify. To enter into the drawing and read all of the details, check out the giveaway thread.

Drewpy's XS400 Tracker

This cool XS400 tracker by Drewpy screams “look at me”. The bike has been a popular topic of discussion in the XS400 community and custom bike scene over the last several weeks, and is soon to be featured in The Horse magazine! There are many modifications Drew incorporated into the bike that are not immediately apparent. No part was left untouched in creating this bike. Some of the features include a gas flowed head, cut down 2 into 1 exhaust, clutch window, hidden master cylinder, and the list goes on and on. It’s all the more cool as it's street legal too (well barely) and can been heard, and then seen, tearing through the streets of Rainy City, Manchester UK.

See the build pictures and how-to’s in the forum. Also check out Drew's blog. Great work Drew!

Drewpy's Yamaha XS400 Tracker

XS400.com Decals

The XS400.com decals are available now! Order a couple today and help support XS400.com! These are quality vinyl cut decals made by a member of XS400.com. They measure 1.187" tall by 5.2" wide. The picture below is the actual decal applied to a black surface. Order XS400.com decals here.

XS400.com Decal

How To: Split The Crankcase

xs400 crankcase bolt locations - bottomCheck out this guide on how to split the crankcase of an XS400 engine. volcomskater77 maps out the bolt locations and explains the process. This will definitely save you some headaches if you ever need to do this!

How To: Make your own Knee-Dent Tank

Skillzman1 created a great How-To article on the process of making a knee-dent tank. His article will walk you through the steps from start to finish. Great work on the tank and write-up Skillzman1! Check it out!

xs400 tank xs400 knee-dent tank

Yamaha XS400 Chop by Motoshop Tonouchi

Check out this nice Yamaha XS400 chop from Motoshop Tonouchi out of Japan! Thanks to Drewpy for letting us know about the bike and sharing the link. See more pictures of this nicely done XS400.

Yamaha XS400 Chopper

XS400.com Launch

XS400.com is now ready to go. Be sure to register so you can post in the forum as well as use other member-only features of the site. Registration is free and only takes a minute. All we need from you is a valid email address, user name, and password.

Share pictures of your XS400 chopper, bobber, cafe racer, bratstyle, or stock bike in the forum and it may be featured on this page! Good technical articles will also be featured. Also please contribute to the History of the Yamaha XS400 thread if you can.

Enjoy the site!


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Check Out the XS400 Forum!

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