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    For Sale - Parts bike

    Gone to the scrap yard. Sorry
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    need to find this idle mix screw.

    Hey part number 2A2-14923-00
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    Sheared idle mix screw

    Thanks i found it. Part number 2A2-14923-00
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    Sheared idle mix screw

    Anybody know where to get the idle screws for a bs34. The one that broke on my bike doesnt look like the ones ebay offers. This is what it looks like.
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    For Sale - Parts bike

    Parts bike.located in Philadelphia. Have everything minus the seat ignition module and tank. Including engine unknown condition. No title for the frame pm for phone number
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    (Re-Run) Free - Full Yamaha Service Manual

    Hey yall. Im a newbie to the forum so ihope i am in the right place. I am trying to set the valves right. My problem is when i turn the 17mm bolt on the alt. It will get to a certain point and stop. No movement after that spot. Even if i stand on the kicker. I had it started just a few days ago...