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    Questions about installing a solo seat

    Sorry, I've been away for a while, I'll get some pics up soon.
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    Front brake concern

    As to your original question: Try spinning each wheel with the bike's weight off it. The resistance could be dried out or shot wheel bearings; or a front tire rubbing on the fender; or some issue with the drive train (chain, sprocket, clutch . . .).
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    DIY/Modded Stubby H-Pipe

    Thanks for the heads up on the material. I put so few miles on this bike, I think I'll just test the material on the road. So, the shielded coupler was a great fit on the carb . . . but the other end has the exact same ID and OD as my air filters. Just found a 1-1/2" PVC coupler at Home Depot...
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    DIY/Modded Stubby H-Pipe

    I'm just embarking on this project for my bike. I don't have a lathe so I was happy to find this coupler, which fits snugly over the carb but has a metal "shield" to keep it rigid: Now to figure out the rest of...
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    Questions about installing a solo seat

    Check out my saddle: The PO did it without modifying the frame. The rear fender was cut down to make the short piece you see. He took the upholstery off the seat pan, cut a section out of the middle, and pieced the pan back together...
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    Cleaning off baked-on gaskets

    Yep, going slow helps, and so does the heat gun.
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    XS GP4 build

    Tons of inspiration here. Thanks!
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    Cleaning off baked-on gaskets

    Heat! I never thought of that. And I never knew there was a product called "Gasket Remover." Will try the Dremel too. Thanks guys.
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    Cleaning off baked-on gaskets

    Hi everyone, I'm refreshing some gaskets on my DOCH XS400, having a terrible time removing all traces of the original gaskets. Is there some trick I've never heard of? Thanks in advance!
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    XS400J Maxim 82/83 DOHC engine rebuild

    Just found this thread for the first time, I want to say thanks for the great photos and clear descriptions.
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    Maxim Build

    Watching your project with interest .. . .Can you identify the new rear shock? Where did you get it? Thanks
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    XS GP4 build

    Thanks for this great thread. Your craftsmanship is an inspiration. And your photography is great too.
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    XS400 DOHC Oilfilter installation

    My DOHC doesn't have a washer or a spring . . . I install my filter as shown in the bottom photograph, with the flat side up.
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    Nice Yamaha XS400 cafe racer

    Very nice. Love the wheels. Tell us about the exhaust.
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    How bad is setting valve clearance on a DOHC?

    This is great (beats buying the tappet tool or taking off the camshafts), but it takes some fiddling. Here are some pictures that show how to fold your zip tie so it will get the job done. A key fact is that one thickness of ziptie will not give you enough room to coax the shim out of the...