1. S

    '77 XS360 Backfiring above 5000 rpm + other issues

    EDIT: I think I found the issue, the new battery I installed is bad. For the life of me I cannot figure this out. Sorry for the long read but I feel like I should include everything I did, which is a lot. I recently replaced the coils on my Yamaha (1977 XS360) because the bike didn't really...

    Wanted - 1977 XS360 CARBS NEEDED

    Found, thanks
  3. X

    '77 XS400D - Choppy Idle / Ticking noise

    Hello everyone! I've got a 1977 XS400D with 19000 km on it (or so my speedometer says) the bike and engine is in great condition visually, carbs are in great condition as well. Im the first one to register this bike in Canada so theres literally no record of it prior to May 2021. When I...
  4. TheOfficialRJ

    Does this sound right to you?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to get your opinion on whether this bike is running on both cylinders or not. I've had a problem with this bike before where it was only firing on 1 cylinder. I know this because one side was blowing cold air out of the exhaust. The head was cold as well on that same...
  5. Daniel Lombana

    Battery drained

    Hello guys!! I would like to share with you that my XS360 project its almost 100% ready. The bike runs and everything but the battery doesn't hold its charge. I can ride the motorcycle for 15 minutes without any problem but when I start using accessories like the lights, speedometer...
  6. Spiffarino

    Just bought a '77 XS360. Not quite a basket case but...

    Yesterday I took in a homely little 1977 XS360. It was somebody's cafe racer project that eventually wound up in the hands of a young dude who wanted a fun ride, but after several months he got fed up with trying to make it run and sold it on the cheap. It's pretty cut up and would cost a ton...
  7. Daniel Lombana

    Is there any difference between a 1977 Yamaha XS360 and a XS360-2

    Hello guys! I just got my first bike. Is a 1977 Yamaha XS360 and I'm looking for certain parts but in some websites are asking me in the criteria if the model is a XS360-2. are there any difference between those two? Thanks
  8. K

    For Sale - For Sale: 1977 restored/custom 3yr restoration

    I am offering up for sale, my lil'bastard 1977 xs 400. If you are wanting an xs, save yourself the time and money and buy one ready to ride…this bike is titled and insured in Sylva, NC. I am asking $3000 and have tons of time, and new parts in it…I am sure I have over $4000 in it...
  9. F


    I am currently restoring a 1980 XS400 Special II model and I was wondering if the wire loom from a 1977 model is the same for the 1980? The one on the 1980 looks like it has been modified and I do not trust it. Can anyone clear this up for me please? Thanks!
  10. S

    A big hello from a brand new XS owner

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to the members of a forum that I plan on spending a lot of time on. I just purchased a 1977 XS400D with 22k on it (with a rebuild at 20k) for $1400. It was in immaculate condition and I couldn't pass up the chance to finally work on an older...
  11. S

    New/old member with a 77 XS-400

    Hey cool to see a site just for the 400's.. I've been hovering on the fringes of the 650 world for years and this is great.. This is my 77 XS-400D as I got it in 2008 for $250 It had been sitting in a garage since 1983.. It took a bit of work to sort out the electrical, brakes, an...