1. Daniel Moulton

    New XS500 member, I hope you'll accept me. Starting frustration

    I know the xs500 is a bit of a downer in the XS line but I cant find a forum for them, so I hope youll accept me. I am working on a 76 XS500 cafe. I picked up the bike up for $100. After a lot of work I tested to see if it would run and I got it running enough to give me the confidence to keep...
  2. Bobo Martin

    New member new bike

    Hi peeps..thanks for letting me join. I thought I would share some pics of my xs400. Still a few bits n Bob's to do to it. I also own a new triumph bobber black but wanted an older project for my garage.. Cheers Bobo
  3. B

    XS400 Seats

    I'd like to use the "Saddlemen Eliminator" tail section and seat for my '81 build and was wondering if anyone has used this seat on theirs before. I need to figure out if the seat frame hoop I'm looking at will work. What size seat frame hoops are you all using for cafe/brat builds?
  4. D

    For Sale - 1981 xs400 Special Heritage

    I am selling my custom made 1981 Yamaha XS400 Special "Brat Style" cafe racer. I literally built this thing with blood sweat and tears. I love her dearly but it's time for me to get something bigger. Serious inquiries only. I'm not in any rush to sell her so no low ballers. $2,500 OBO. I am also...
  5. Greasey Fingers

    My XS360 build finished....finally!!!

    Greetings all! I finally finished my xs360 build, shes up and running and registered and on the road.....I was nearly over it at the end stages with all the fiddly crap (especially carbs) but got there in the end. This took a long time but I was in no hurry and I got most things the way I wanted...
  6. mmmboost

    MmmBoost's '78 XS400 Cafe Project

    Hey everyone! I've been a lurker here for a little while so I thought I'd finally chuck up an introduction as well as the project I'm working on. <insert obligatory long intro apology> I'm a gearhead and have been ever since I can remember. My father and I restored a 1969 Beetle when I was a...
  7. IMG_3051


    Back end is chopped and ready for some winter work. Any helpful tips on seat mounting? And any tips on minimizing electronics?
  8. IanW

    Brat ‘82

    I have been working on this build for a number of years now (with help from this forum). I figured I should start posting a build log to share and to keep myself progressing. The donor was an '82 XS400 with 26K kms and very few modifications. I stripped the bike down to the frame and have...
  9. P_20160423_140912_1


    1980 Xs400 custom finally finished
  10. J

    H4 Headlight Replacement

    Hey all, I am having trouble figuring out what lamp would work in my '79 SOHC. The reflective material is falling off of the inside of my lamp and I would like to upgrade to an H4. I've read that our lamps are 165mm (6/5")? Is this true? I'm also confused about what lamps will work with my...
  11. V

    Frame loop & seat inspiration

    Hi all, I'm new here, about to lay into a 1980 XS400 special. Was hoping to get an idea of how my seat plans might pan out from those of you who have done something similar. I'm looking to do an upturned frame loop similar to the setups on these CB's: The clean frame line along with the...