carb setup

  1. Myron

    Idle RPM climbs at stoplight.

    I have a 1978 XS400E all original. The problem is that when the engine is hot, it will not idle down unless i use the brake. I can be cruising along and take my hand off the throttle and it will stay at speed until I brake. Then the engine will slow down. And often waiting at a stoplight it...
  2. tstidham

    Re-Ring, Dodge VR and Starter Clutch Springs

    Hello all again, I have still been working over my recently acquired 1978 XS400E and thought I'd post an update on all the things I've done so far. 1. As in a previous post, I had a cracked head. I bought a used one off ebay, lapped in the valves, new valve guide seals and also decided to...
  3. Nichdoch

    ‘81 xs400 carb float question...

    So, I got into the carbs on my ‘81 the other day and honestly the worst I’ve ever seen. Gonna be completely rebuilding them. I am having trouble locating floats for the ‘81. Will the ones from earlier models like 77-79 work? I uploaded some pics of what I got versus what I was looking at buying.
  4. P

    XS360 idle issues

    A few months ago I purchased a 1977 Yamaha xs360. The bike was in a very rough condition when I bought it so i spent these last months rebuilding nearly everything. I'm running stock-ish (not open) exhausts and the original carbs with pod filters. I replaced the #130 main jet with a #135 to...
  5. Winnipeg_79_XS400

    Over raving/vacuum leak

    1979 xs400F So I am now TRYING to get the carbs sync. Once I let the bike idle/warm up and shut off the choke, the bike takes off/over rev's. New battery-good charge New coils-Both primary's and secondary's checked out on install. Going to chack again Electronic Ignition! Valve spacing has...
  6. Kosan181

    Low speed, won't rev higher than 5k and won't do above 45

    I have a problem that my bike doesn't want to go any faster than 45 maybe even 50. I have stock jets still and I'm not sure if that means much. When I screw out my fuel mixture screws nothing happens. I already cleaned my carbs. It is also sometimes difficult to start.
  7. C

    78 xs400 engine 81 xs400 carbs

    Hey new to the site just pick up a bobber project 78 xs400 but I was only able to find 81 xs400 carbs just seeing if anybody knows jet sizes recommended to use from past experience or any other advice, I also live at sea level if that matters thanks.
  8. 87cody

    Carb Fun?

    I recently finished (well got to a ridable point) my xs400 hardtail and I am having carb issues. It will usually fire up in one to three kicks with the choke fully engaged and as it is warming the idle steadily climbs. When I disengage the choke it nearly dies without some throttle and has to...