1. S

    What Chain Do You Use?

    So I got a 1982 Xs400 Heritage. The current chain and I would assume original one on the bike now is a DID50DS. But I cant seem to find someplace to buy a new one anywhere because its discontinued. I have also tired finding a DID50HDSS but still no luck. I have seen from googling that people say...
  2. J

    Question about installing a new chain

    So I bought a new JT 530 X1R chain last fall but winter happened and I havent gotten around to installing it until now. My problem is that it now seems a little stiff, even though its never been used. Maybe leaving it sitting out on a bench in my basement all winter wasn't a great idea? Does...
  3. Monowakari

    Whatever can go wrong, does.

    So long list of problems to take care of right now. Piston Rings Left Cylinder burning oil like a siv, this is new. Gonna re-fit both. -(Just a guess, but leak down test was 130psi, add teaspoon oil, 150psi) Need a new chain as mine is kind of seizing and making terrible noises. Sprockets are...
  4. Mannix

    Ka-clunk! Now the chain is jammed and slack!

    1983 SOHC Maxim I'm making a left turn from stopped at a light. I start rolling in first and shift to second right before getting into the turn. I hear clinking and then ka-clunk as I'm letting out the clutch, maybe I was a little quick letting it out, but not much. I hear a rattling...
  5. Lou Ranger

    Chain Break

    Wednesday, on the up-shift from 1st to 2nd .... :yikes: Yesterday, all's well again.
  6. tbakic

    chain instalation question

    I got my chain off now how do I get it back on lol, do I have to take off the cover where the shift lever is?
  7. kindest

    Do I need a new chain

    So I had my bike on the center stand the other day and noticed that my chain rises significantly up at one point when I spun the wheel. This looked odd to me so I inspected more closely and noticed my rear sprocket was pretty tore up. The teeth were sharp visablly damaged. During my first...
  8. bentwrench

    Deciphering chain sizes

    Quick question: is a 530 x 100 chain the same as a size 50 chain?