fuse box

  1. The Wang

    Electrical issue?

    I replaced the starter solenoid, and fuses. Now the neutral/brake/oil indicators don't light up, and it wont turn over with the electric starter. I tried kicking it but couldnt get it going (I sprayed fuel into the carb throats, and then straight into the cylinder) Any help appreciated
  2. Sean Shameless

    Fuse box upgrade

    Feeling pretty good about tying up my first project on my new to me xs. One day while going over the bike I noticed out of the blue it had no power and after a little inspection concluded the fuses/fuse box were all oxidized and making poor contact. So I took on cleaning them up but one tab...
  3. H

    Switching to Blade Fuses

    Hey everyone, I’m not an electronics expert. I want to replace the old glass fuse block with a new blade fuse block. However, I’m not sure how to wire it. the glass fuse has a wire running in and out, while the new block only has one terminal for each fuse, no in and out. It doesn’t look like...
  4. B

    Variety of electrical problems/Electric starter won't work

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I bought my XS400 a little while ago and I've been plagued with electrical issues ever since. I was hoping someone could give me some insight! I'll tell the story below. When I bought the bike, the previous owner had to jump it, and it broke down on the way home...
  5. 8

    Please share your ideas for fuse box replacement

    I have a '78 and would like to hear ideas for replacing the original fuse box. Is it best to upgrade to the blade type or stick with glass fuses? The original has the 1 inch glass fuses, but 1-1/4 inch seems to be what's available these days. I'm quite certain others here have come up with...