Please share your ideas for fuse box replacement


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I have a '78 and would like to hear ideas for replacing the original fuse box. Is it best to upgrade to the blade type or stick with glass fuses? The original has the 1 inch glass fuses, but 1-1/4 inch seems to be what's available these days. I'm quite certain others here have come up with some good solutions. Please share! :)
I'm doing a complete rewire this winter and am going up to a blade-style fuse block. I chose to do it because it was just a bit more compact and I wasn't worried about fuses blowing where I couldn't see them. I went with something like this fuse block. So long as you are running each fuse directly from 12V and then to your load, you should be looking cool. Not only do think it'll look more modern, which is why I went with it rather than the original, but I have room to add things, such as a 5V charger for a phone or GPS.
I can't recall off the top of my head who it was but someone installed a new blade type block in the stock fuse box and cut a hole in the old lid so it'd fit over the new box lid.
It looked pretty slick.

I recently discovered micro/APS type blade fuses. Waiting on a ratcheting crimper to arrive but I think I've figured out how to mount blade fuses inside the stock fuse box without modifying the box.
Trying to preserve the stock look but still upgrade to blades.
I'm running standard automotive blade fuses in a marine block for weatherproofness. Cost about $5 on eBay (couldn't find any locally for love or money, go figure).

If I'd been smart I'd have gone with the minifuses like BBS360 is saying, just that much more compact. The only weak point in the blade fuse block on my bike is the crappy crimping job I did rewiring it. It also doesn't span both mounting holes in stock form, but one bolt has been enough to hold it. Otherwise it's worked beautifully.