1. L

    Raask footpegs

    Hi everyone, I'm planing to mount raask footpegs onto my 82 xs 400 2a2. Has anyone made this conversion and is using the kickstart? Thanks and greetings from Austria!
  2. I

    Regulator and Kickstart alternatives

    Hi, I have XS400 Special 1980. I bought a new battery and after 2-3 days of riding, battery dies, the starter doesn't have enough power to spin and after some time it completely stops. I think it is because of the regulator. It is the original one as far as i know. However, shipping from ebay to...
  3. Monowakari

    Battery Help

  4. Superdog25

    First bike. I could use a little help here

    So I just purchased my first bike ever. It's a 1981 xs400 special. The electric start button is broken so it's kick start only. Is there a procedure to start it? Iv been trying for hours to start it. When I bought it, the guy just kicked it once and it started. I don't get it. Sorry for the noob...
  5. Savantjk

    Kickstart Pedal?

    I did a search and didn't see anything. I want to swap out the stock pedal for one of the broader flat ones like the bicycle pedal style. I noticed the ours is a solid piece and the whole arm would have to be replaced. Anyone done this or found some to fit?
  6. khales

    Kickstart assembly compatability

    Hopefully someone will be able to tell me for sure. I just picked up complete kick start assembly from one of our fellow members here, which is from a 78 model. From what I've read the assemblies are compatible on models from 77-79. Is this correct and will it be compatible for my bike? Thanks...
  7. T

    New at this, new project, new problems

    Hi Guys. I'm from Denver, CO. Been lurking the forum for a while and I figured I should post. I just picked up an '83 xs400R Seca (RK?): Needs carbs reassembled, battery box, and gas tank. For the most part, the bike in good shape. Came for $300 bucks with a title. Couldn't pass up a...