maxim 400

  1. Chase Power

    Electrical bugs i really need help with

    Alright so this is my first post, i have a 1983 maxim xs400 and its a bit of a project bobber, im haveing some electrical issues come up that i havent been able to figire out in 4 years, the previous owner had only "shorten" the harness whatever that means and changed the taillights hook which...
  2. Davis Fowler

    New rider lookin for tips on ordering parts

    Hey everyone, recently acquired an 83 maxim 400. It needed some new front brake pads, a bleed, and fork seals replaced, which I was able to do rather easily with a friends help. really enjoyed looking thru some these threads and learning about these bikes, especially seeing all the progress in...
  3. Ben Thompson

    82 XS400J/Maxim - Oil Problem - Top end not getting oil

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I recenetly bought my first ever motorcycle. Eager as a pig in shit to get going. 1982 XS400 Maxim that has been modified with 33,000kms.Previous Owner Upgraded/Mofidied: I have uploaded a picture of the original and one of the bike currently. Headlight...
  4. A

    Help yamaha xs400 1983

    I have a lots problem with my bike, it was dead like a 8 months ago, i started to restore it, but my two big problems are wiring diagram and carburation, i dont know anything about that and i hope that you can help me guys, please, i really want my bike backs to live.
  5. N

    XS400J (Maxim) Alternative Forks

    Hi there, I hope it's ok to post this. I'm very new to the forum. I am in the UK and just bought an xs400j (Maxim). I was hoping someone has found some alternative forks for this bike because being in the UK, It's really hard to get frame & body parts. I'm not adverse to changing the head...
  6. Neomysis

    Rear Schock absorver

    Hi, I think my Maxim 400 need a new absorber. I have found some 12R-22210-01-00 online, but they are used or crazy expensive. Do anybody know a good alternative to replace it? Thanks in advance.
  7. BladeRunner

    Brake Swap upgrade

    Looking to see if there are any other calipers and master cylinders that would fit/work on the XS400 maxims, the current one sorta sucks, and i cleaned and replaced pads already
  8. Neomysis

    Seat for my 1983 Maxim 400

    Hi, I'm in the process to fix/restore (as much as possible) my Maxim. It needs a new seat, but those that I found on e-bay are not what I want (they are ugly) and the local upholstery wants to rip me off. I'm pretty good with tools and I have a sewing machine and material at home to make a new...