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Alright so this is my first post, i have a 1983 maxim xs400 and its a bit of a project bobber, im haveing some electrical issues come up that i havent been able to figire out in 4 years, the previous owner had only "shorten" the harness whatever that means and changed the taillights hook which works perfect, i on the other hand have changed the headlight to a "plug and play" projecter, changed the levers, includeing the wires hooking to them, the hand controls from the original to a harley style from amazon, thats my biggest problem, the buttons use less wores then the old style for example only 2 wire join to the start button meanehile the original had 4(blue white/black, for the starter, and a red yellow/blue black when the button is not pressed, so far i get it to turn over but as soon as i let off the button it dies immediatly, the kill switch is wired the same as the old and works proper, the headlight will not work no matter which way i seem to wire it but it works direct 12v and worls with the 12v for the signal light, oh and the bike ran and all electrical was perfect befor this and any of the harness from the headlight houseing back wasnt even touched or moved for any reason, im also getting spark as i tested both sides with turning it over, please help and if you need more info just let me know, thanks a bunch guys! Also i know the picture makes me wanna puke too lol 20231005_202949.jpg
Also to mention i also still have the old buttons with the wire on them which is what i use to basically match to the exact patterns and places but no luck with the headlight switch for some reason, i have used a multimeter that im not to familar with but have found the 12v wires and seem to have no open lines either, want any pictures i can do that too!