1. Steve B

    Single spark. Then nothing.

    Just bought a basket case 1980 XS400 SG. Electronic ignition. PO was attempting to make it into a cafe racer. . I've completely rewired it using the original harness and EVERYTHING works.....except.....when turning it over on the starter motor, I get just ONE spark on the right plug only...
  2. D

    Where’s my condenser

    I have a 1982 xs400 with no spark I’m suspecting the coils or possibly the condenser but I cannot find the condenser for the life of me and there’s only one other post for this on here for an xs360 that says it’s in between the coils but it’s not there
  3. blaketots

    XS360: Oil on right cylinder spark plug

    Hey y'all! I have an all-stock 1977 XS360 that is having power issues on the right cylinder that is causing idle issues when coming down from speed (dying at stop lights if I don't keep revved up, but easy kick to start back up; erratic idle when warm). The right cylinder runs way colder than...
  4. Ben_Wagner

    81 XS400H Coil Wiring Question

    I recently did some work on the wiring harness of my bike and when I put the coil on I plugged the [red/white and orange] plug into the right coil and the [red/white and grey] plug into the left coil as per a wiring diagram I was using as well as a post on here by xschris. Upon turning over the...
  5. Houseman39

    Starting Reassembled Engine

    Thanks to all who helped me on my previous thread! (Reassembling the engine - check it out here Now that I've got the new crankshaft and rods in and the whole engine reassembled I'm trying to breathe life back into my 1980 XS400...
  6. trevingray9

    Coils & Wires & Plugs & Stuff

    So I am not really tearing into my bike too much until winter comes here in utah in around november, but Ive been messing around here and there while still keeping it my daily rider. I am looking into replacing all the aspects of the igniton system on my bike for reliability and modern...
  7. Monowakari

    New plugs - diagnoses please

    Hey, New plugs put in, went for 50 km ride at variety of speeds: stop'n'go, country roads and highway speeds ~130 kmh. Took them out to check on them as I had some wet fouling on the previous ones (BPR7ES and BP7ES from PO). I put in BR7ES' cause that's all my local shop had and figured it'd...
  8. D

    Does this spark look weak?

    Hey guys need your opinion on whether or not this spark looks to weak? see video Also I replaced the spark plug wire with 7mm copper core wire and kept the same caps, don't know if I have the 5ohm caps or not? I order new ones 5ohm from Mikes because I read on the forum that if you have a...
  9. J

    Quick Q: Sparkplug Wire Length?

    Just heading to the store but my bike is hours away and I couldn't measure, what would be the best length for Spark Plug Wire length when adding it between new Coils and Caps? Thanks so much in Advance! Joel
  10. P

    resistance ok? but still no spark! please assist?

    hi everyone, been reading this forum a lot in the past few months hoping to catch a clue as to what exactly my electrical problem is... no such luck for me. so I thought I might try and get a few personal responses? first things first... I have no spark. and its honestly puzzling me, because I...
  11. ghoulgang

    No spark on left side!

    Hey All. Update since my last thread (about a stripped idle stop screw): fixed the strip with Teflon tape. Bike ran well for a few days, then got progressively harder and harder to start. I thought it might have been a timing issue or a points issue or something so over way too long of a...
  12. P

    Help! Still no consistent spark

    Ok, here I go again. 82 xs400 DOHC. Have wired everything back in except that rear brake switch everyone helped me with(thanks for that.) I still get no spark on the left side. Coils are in spec, pick up coil in spec, getting power to coils, bypassed clutch switch, and still only one small spark...
  13. B

    it wont spark

    i have an 1980 xs 400 and it will turn over but not spark gets gas help!!!! plz