1. D

    Where’s my condenser

    I have a 1982 xs400 with no spark I’m suspecting the coils or possibly the condenser but I cannot find the condenser for the life of me and there’s only one other post for this on here for an xs360 that says it’s in between the coils but it’s not there
  2. Ben_Wagner

    81 XS400H Coil Wiring Question

    I recently did some work on the wiring harness of my bike and when I put the coil on I plugged the [red/white and orange] plug into the right coil and the [red/white and grey] plug into the left coil as per a wiring diagram I was using as well as a post on here by xschris. Upon turning over the...
  3. DjSky96

    Desperately need new TCI box "TID12-07"

    As the title states, I'm desperately in need of a new TCI unit for my '83 XS400k. She's my only vehicle and I work 30 minutes away and the route takes me on a 70mph freeway for a large portion of the ride. I guess should tell you what symptoms I'm experiencing before I go off about how I've...
  4. P

    '82 Seca left cylinder not firing/electrical problems

    Hello all, I posted a previous thread about getting a stuck oil emulsion bolt from an '82 XS400XJ DOHC Seca, finally got it off and replaced it and the oil/filter. I had the bike running pretty well after cleaning out the carbs, but I was in the process of doing the MSF course and let the bike...
  5. M

    1981 XS400SE ignition (condensers?)

    I've picked up my new bike (1981 XS400SE) and I'm trying to plan for the re-wire. In the Haynes manual I'm looking at the wiring diagram for an XS400SE (4G5) and I can see condensers but I was under the impression that post 81' bikes had TCI units and not condensers? Did this model not get...
  6. FarmBoy72

    Electronic Ignition Issues, Troubleshooting, and "refurbishment" (1 cylinder misfires and crackling)

    Hello guys, A few years ago when I switched my 78 from points to TCI I replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors in the ignition. These type of capacitors only have about a 10-15 year lifespan sometimes so its a good measure to replace them right at the start. After doing so the left...
  7. AndyJ

    Is This Normal?

    Is this normal? Bike was running beautifully several weekends out, then one day began misfiring on the right side. Right side plug looked fouled, I though a fresh spark plug would solve the problem but didn't. I noticed when the plugs were out that both cylinders have spark however when I turn...
  8. Mickey85

    New TCI module?

    OK, I've gotten the carbs fixed, and discovered that the problem with one cylinder not running is an electrical issue. Doing some ham-fisted testing, the coil will build a spark about 1/2" long from the end of the wire to the cylinder, and if you hold the plug wire a bit off the plug, it'll...
  9. N

    TCI ignition unit [is it possible?!]

    sorry if there is already a thread on this topic but I was looking through the threads and ive only encountered how to wire a tci ignition unit. my question is... Is it possible to remove this unit from the bike and still run? im pretty sure the ignition unit/box is what it is called. If not I...
  10. T

    Need a TCI or CDI

    Hello Friends- I have an 81 Yamaha XS400 special with 9,400 miles on it. I need to find an OEM part if possible. I need either a TCI or a CDI from what I've been reading on some forums. I don't want a used one if I can help it, since my bike has low miles on it and would probably do the same...