Desperately need new TCI box "TID12-07"


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Washington, 'Murica
As the title states, I'm desperately in need of a new TCI unit for my '83 XS400k. She's my only vehicle and I work 30 minutes away and the route takes me on a 70mph freeway for a large portion of the ride.

I guess should tell you what symptoms I'm experiencing before I go off about how I've checked everything...

so my bike is a $250 OfferUp special I got a year ago. She's my first bike and only real experience with street bikes. She always ran like shit on the right cylinder but I chalked it up to just needing a timing adjustment (before I knew jack about ignition systems) but fast forward to a month ago and all the sudden I have an intermittent issue where I have no real power after 4500RPM (redline is 10k) so I can't even maintain 55mph without destroying my eardrums by going WOT in 5th on a flat straightaway. the right cylinder fires so infrequently at lower RPMs that during warm up I have to play with the choke to bounce between nearly stalling and hitting 6000RPM at idle. you can put your hands behind each exhaust and easily fell the smooth pulsing on the left, but the right side mostly just pushes out weak puffs of cold air and occasionally fires and that's enough to bump up the RPM a little to give that side a better chance to fire and eventually if left untouched it will either stall or rev really high depending on the choke position and pure luck.
Now we get to today and I thought an ignition coil was the problem after swapping sides and i then replaced said coil and I had no problems for a few days and on my way home from work I had to rent out the right lane on the freeway where I got passed up by fully loaded semi trucks

I know what you're going to ask, "have you checked your coils? carbs? rectifier?"

yup, I've replaced, rebuilt, and tested them all, the problem comes and goes, but it likes to hang around a while. I've been hunched over my keyboard all night looking for a TCI (TID12-07) that doesn't cost $600, because if I could afford that I'd trade up with cash for a better bike, and I've been praying that maybe I can find one from a similar bike like an XS650 that will make the bike run just well enough that I can ride it to work or sell it for a Kawasaki Voyager.

does anybody have a way to help a poor 18 year old in way over his head?

here's a pic of the module from the outside.


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Thinking this is a DOHC bike?

What part of WA are you in ? I am near Portland and saw a SECA listed on Craigslist that was a parts bike but ran.
Well here is the add........................I offered some cash but I think for a non titled bike its just not worth it................I bought a titled running maxim for project some day :laugh2: If your interested let me know...........I could use parts but not worth the 350 as that was his lowest price.............