1. Kutay

    A post following the build of my bike - Kutay

    I think I will post how the build of my bike is going here. so i cant rack down any info in the future and hopefully some things are helpful for some people. so far: I bought a working xs400 in shambles. The frame was brown, the rear was chopped off, no seat, sketchy wiring, no blinkers. The...
  2. Z

    Wanted - XS400RJ Seca Lower Triple Tree

    Looking for a lower triple tree for my XS400RJ (12E VIN model). Must be able to ship to Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. The triple tree must also be aligned and not twisted.
  3. Z

    Twisted Lower Triple Tree?

    It seems I've gotten into an accident last week on my XS400R and bent my front steering. At first I thought it was my forks, but upon inspection with a straight level there are no visible gaps ( I will bring it to a shop to properly inspect). In the mean time I decide to disassemble my triple...