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    as it say`s Lost in the 60s
  2. Rhinno

    For Sale - 79 XS250, Australia

    Selling my project/parts bike in Melbourne Australia. In parts, photos show how it used to look. About 13500 km on the clock. Comes with same tank and seat, plus a small amount of extras. Make an offer
  3. O

    Wanted - XS 250 or XS400 Starter motor

    For SOHC 1980 model. To ship please, good working order.
  4. B

    Will an XS250 swing arm fit an XS400 SOHC frame?

    So I managed to get my hands on an XS400 frame to go with the engine I am rebuilding, but I need a swing arm. Most on eBay come from old XS250s. I know some of the specials had longer swing arms, but it is the fitment, more than the length that I am concerned about. Cheers
  5. J

    For Sale - 75-79 XS250/360/400 SR500 rear master cylinder seals/ rebuilt 4 sale

    After having many customers asking me about these parts, i finally have them all available to sell. My direct email address will get you the quickest response. We are located in Payson Utah USA and will ship anywhere in the world. junkboy64@gmail.com All parts are made in Japan out of modern...
  6. dpgraham4401

    For Sale - Haynes SOHC service manual

    New in wrapping Haynes service manual. for models xs400 xs250 xs360 1975 - 1984 Here's a link for it on MikesXS https://www.mikesxs.net/yamaha-xs650-haynes-manual-xs250-360-400.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3KzdBRDWARIsAIJ8TMQaQU3_4fh_yHs5osHqv1Zl26U1nw__o9hDK7RkCSkGePRty8u7VHMaAuadEALw_wcB Bought it...
  7. B

    XS250 to XS400 rocker cover question

    Hello All, Thanks for accepting me onto the forum. A while back I purchased an XS250 engine with a the parts to covert it to a 400 for a bit of fun. This afternoon I was cleaning and building the XS400 rocker cover the when I found that I was missing a rocker shaft. So rather than rush out...
  8. Greasey Fingers

    My XS360 build finished....finally!!!

    Greetings all! I finally finished my xs360 build, shes up and running and registered and on the road.....I was nearly over it at the end stages with all the fiddly crap (especially carbs) but got there in the end. This took a long time but I was in no hurry and I got most things the way I wanted...
  9. jamesmoni

    HELP; 1980 XS250 air box to pod conversion

    [Aware this is a XS400 website, however 250 is similar in minor way and has no website] [New development on the end!!!!!] Symptoms 1. Only starts with choke on, even when its a warm day. (Pretty normal) 2. Can rev the engine with throttle with choke on 3. If I continusly rev the engine and turn...