1982 Yamaha xs400 SECA pickup coils


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I did a resistance test on the pickup coils on my buddies bike and found that one of the pickup coils (orange to common ground) had absolutely no continuity. I checked the wires and everything looked good so I'm pretty sure its shot (starting to see a domino effect for the malfunction in the ignition circuit, not sure if it's the reason my TCI box went bad but I'll bet my balls it definitely caused the right side ignition coil to burn out)

I cant find another replacement anywhere but I read that you can use pickups off of a bike similar in year so I found a set off an '81 xj750 maxim that looked almost identical and should mount to the plate.

The only concern I have is that the SECA resistance specs are at 120 ohms and most other models are anywhere from 550 to 750 ohms. Curse this bike for being a damn unicorn
I know right, i should tell him not to even bother showing up for the bike if he dont bring me a six pack of 40's
Yeah 120 ohms is about right. Check for wire breaks at the the grommet where they pass outside the engine case. The insulation on one of mine was split there- if you find the wire break OUTSIDE the coil winding you might be able to splice it.