Gas POURING out of carb intake (positive it's not the float valves or petcock)

check oil level and smell it for petrol , generally most common way for petrol to finish up in the sump is a worn needle and seat , if overfilled with the fuel /oil mix and you run it can do nasty thinks to the crank etc , often get a fine spray out of the crankcase breather just normally , thats what its there for . to releave crank case pressure , on some of the old british bikes they use to run a hose from the breather to the rear chain to help oil it
Changed the oil and filter and I no longer have anything filling up the airbox. Hopefully I didn't destroy the crank by trying to idle the bike with that mixture in there, but at least now the gas spilling problem is solved. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and insights!
Unfortunately, I still have the same issues I had before all this started (bike starts okay and idles well at first, but then just revs lower and lower and the throttle stops doing anything then it dies), but those are for another thread....