Looking for XS400 front wheel disk brake conversion


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Hey everyone, just bought my XS400 yesterday for $600 bucks. The guy had a set of the nice black rims for sale to, so I bought those off him as well. I've seen a lot of posts from people asking about this, but I'm just wondering if anyone has an actual write up, pictures, or video of doing the conversion on their bike? All I have right now is the new rim and mounted brake disk, the bike currently has a spoked wheel front brake hub assembly.
Drum brake and disk brake forks are different. The disk brake fork has mounting bosses for the caliper, the drum brake fork doesn't.

Assuming your wheels are from an XS, you will need to get a matching fork, a brake caliper, a hose, and a master cylinder. The swap is a straight up fork removal and replacement, and replacing the brake lever with the master cylinder.

If you do this, you should get a new brake hose and a new master cylinder. It is not worth it to source OEM, they are probably going to be in pretty bad shape.

If your wheels are from some other bike... You got some figuring out to do. Probably will still have to get compatible forks.