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messing with Photoshop and thought I'd open up the sprocket cover and then mesh it.

what do you guys think?

be honest as I don't want to mess it up


what would be the best way to fix the mesh in place?
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to be honoust mate, not digging the mesh :p
mesh is mostly (in my eyes) for the guys tuning their VW Golf etc :p

would be cool though if you could make something other than mesh there :p plexiglas? dunno bout cleaning and melting though haha

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yep thought of plexi but all that muck off the chain etc, have you seen inside the covers? ... exactly!
dont really care for the mesh....and I invision it getting clogged with gew and being a bear to clean.
maybe some sorta engraved design...etching?
Good point on the mesh getting clogged with grime from the chain....didn't even think that far ahead! haha I like it because it's different, but maybe it's different for a reason....lol
I've got the same pic of the cafe racer as Drewpy posted. A cool looking bike for sure. I wouldn't mind drilling mine in a similar fashion. How do you remove the cable that feeds in from the top so you can remove the cover?
Drewpy, I like the mesh and it makes sense for you to like it as Astons and Jags have used that for years on their cars. I think it looks industrial.
To affix it to the guard I agree with Houghmade, there isn't enough meat for screws and I doubt there will be any force (only vibration) on it to make it want to come off. Unless of course your chain snaps...but that would be the least of your worries.
I've changed my mind on that Daddio. go something else there now....

@happy61 take the screws out of the cover diagnally and you unhook the cable from inside the cover.