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So just for the hell of it, what bikes have you owned? These pics are mostly web pics, but each is of a very similar bike that I've owned. I loved most of them, had trouble with several, sold most as running machines. These are in order, best as I can remember.


My first bike was a 1980 CM200T Honda.


Then a '74 KZ400


1980 GS550


'78 KZ200


'77 CB360T


'76 XL175


'77 XL175


1976 CB360T


'74 CB750F


'82 XJ750 Maxim


'78 Suzuki DR370 and that one was so hard to kick over it broke the previous owner's leg!


1976 CL360T


1982 CB450SC "Nighthawk, mine was that color scheme but in way nicer shape.


1981 XSEleven, the biggest bike I've ever owned or ridden. (Actual bike pictured)


'83 KZ750 and man did she scream!


The current ride, a 1983 XS400K Maxim with '82 XS400J parts and engine.


And the classic project awaiting, the 1974 TX500A
First bike was the '81 400 but last week I bought a new one. Picked up a '79 XS750 in great shape for a VERY good will probably take the 400. I'm 6'5" and the 400 is a bit small for me anyway, get me and my girlfriend on the back and they become dogs lol. I bet it'd scream with just the girlfriend on it alone though..
Started with an XS650, its still the daily rider.
Was gifted a Suzuki GS650, fixed and sold it.
I have an xs400 in the garage that is the project; been working on it for 2 years. Progress is slow but mostly steady.
I started with a 74 yamaha Enduro 360DT.It was in rough shape and I would have kept it long enough to fix it up if the parts I needed for it werent so difficult find.
Then last year I bought my XS which in ok shape,It ran and stopped good but since then its aquired alot of bugs d quirks.Its rideable still but doesnt stop so great.I should have just fixed the exhaust and left the rest of it alone.


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Started with a 68 (I think) Yamaha FS-1 80cc, then a 70something Yamaha RD250, the a late70something Kawasaki 2 stroke 600 triple, then a 85 Yamaha XJ700 (still own and ride), and finally the 80 XS400 (actually my son's but we built it together and I ride it sometimes)
Here's my list:

1980 Honda CM200T Twinstar. Given to me by my dad. I learned to ride on this bike. -SOLD

1972 Yamaha XS2 650. This was the first bike I ever bought. It is still in my garage. -STILL IN GARAGE

1978 Yamaha 650. Rock solid, but no fun 2 up. -SOLD

1982 Honda CB650 Nighthawk. Fast once you got the revs up. Also no fun 2 up. -SOLD

1983 Yamaha XVZ Venture. Nice distance ride. Added an intercom for the wife. -SOLD

2001 Harley Davidson FLHTC Electra Glide. Beautiful bike, but way too expensive for my blood. The wife wanted a backrest added on. I refused. They wanted more for the backrest than I paid for 4 of the 5 bikes listed above. -SOLD

1980 Yamaha XS 400. Bought in boxes as a project for my son. He had no interest, so I've finished it. Now his younger sister wants it! -STILL IN GARAGE

I'm looking for my next bike or project now!
I have only owned three bikes and still own two of them.

First was some Honda scrambler which I owned at 17 and crashed within a week and genuinely have no idea what it was.

1999 Honda VTR1000F daily for work.

1978 Yamaha XS250 project.

I have also technically bought another xs250 as a spares bike but lets not worry too much about that as it's not here yet and will be broken up to fix the current turd. :D

Really want a KZ1000 for my next one. Will finish the XS first though.
I had a couple dirt bikes but then i bought my first road bike the xs400 for 300 bucks a year ago and then a complete xs400 parts bike for a 100 then i bought my current project a 80 xs850 for 500.:thumbsup:

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My bikes are:

1982 Yamaha xs400 Maxim DOHC - First bike. Bought for $250, still the current project.

1975 Honda cb125s - Bought this as my next project after the xs400 for $80

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 - Current daily rider. Bought new.
this was my first, I was 14 (actual bike pic, I did the fork and the flame paint)


puch maxi

Then there was one like this, but all black and no luggage rack on the back



and this, in black and chrome. Completely cleaned it up with my dad and my brother


modified Puch MV50

and then I turned 16 and it was allowed to ride those bikes (theyre all 50cc's), so I lost the appetite for them.. :laugh:

then, at 23, I got my motorbike license and got this:


yamaha XS400 DOHC Seca '89
1982 Honda VF750C Magna

1980 Honda CB900C

1981 Honda GL1100

1983 Honda CB1100F

1988 Yamaha TW200

My girl on her old 1984 Honda CB650SC (I should NEVER have gotten rid of that...)

Old pic from last year sometime.
1st bike honda 1976 cb750 automatic with full interstate dresser package-sold
1977 harley davidson 1000cc ironhead sportster-traded miss dearly : (
1982 honda cb1000 bobber with high/low-traded (to damn rough hardtailed)
1983 honda cb900 bobber-sold (only had rear brakes a lil scary)
1979 yamaha xs1100- never finished- sold (could never get tuned right)
1983 honda cb650 bobber- blew up (lol racing streetbike low on oil)
1982 yamaha xs400 maxim- current (weekend warrior):bike:
1969 Honda S65
1973 Kawasaki S1A-250
1980 Yamaha sr250
1984 Yamaha xs400 Maxim
1983 CB450SC Nighthawk


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