1. F

    Looking for XS400 front wheel disk brake conversion

    Hey everyone, just bought my XS400 yesterday for $600 bucks. The guy had a set of the nice black rims for sale to, so I bought those off him as well. I've seen a lot of posts from people asking about this, but I'm just wondering if anyone has an actual write up, pictures, or video of doing the...
  2. jamesmoni

    HELP; 1980 XS250 air box to pod conversion

    [Aware this is a XS400 website, however 250 is similar in minor way and has no website] [New development on the end!!!!!] Symptoms 1. Only starts with choke on, even when its a warm day. (Pretty normal) 2. Can rev the engine with throttle with choke on 3. If I continusly rev the engine and turn...
  3. JPaganel

    Candlepower conversion is a no-go

    After reading the forums I ordered a 6 3/8 halogen conversion from Candlepower. This was to go into my 1978 XS400. Today I emailed them about returning it. The light itself fits into the ring, the mounting ears bolt up. It's a little smaller than the original sealed beam, but that isn't a...
  4. C

    1983 XS250 to 400 conversion - My Build

    Right hey guys. Let me start off by saying this is my first bike. I am a amateur. I have picked up and old 1983 xs special. It came with a 250 and 400 spare including whole engine. I am replacing the top half, cylinders etc with the 400 and so far I have run into some problems. (By the my...