1. F

    Looking for XS400 front wheel disk brake conversion

    Hey everyone, just bought my XS400 yesterday for $600 bucks. The guy had a set of the nice black rims for sale to, so I bought those off him as well. I've seen a lot of posts from people asking about this, but I'm just wondering if anyone has an actual write up, pictures, or video of doing the...
  2. F

    Swap Shocks on 1980 xs400

    Hello! I am new here to this forum, so please be patient if this is answered elsewhere. I am currently rebuilding a xs400 from the frame and engine up (I have a goal date of May 15th), for my fiance who is 5 foot 3. We have looked at the option of lowering her bike on the fork side and want to...
  3. W

    wiring swap

    hey everyone, new to this stuff.. was accidentally sent the wrong wiring harness for my 79 xs400f. was sent an 80... didnt want to go through the whole shipping back and what not, and have almost everything rewired for it. BUT, ran into 1 problem- the pick up on the 79 has 2 wires while the...
  4. Drice82

    Drum to disk swap wort it?

    Is it worth it to convert from drums to disks? just on a cost/performance parts and labor perspective. not looking for appearance thoughts just performance and how easy it is to get parts. seems like everything these days are disk?
  5. cjxs

    Tank swap (non XS tanks)

    I'm trying to find a second tank for my bike and I'm pretty sure I won't find an xs400 tank in Ukraine, neither drop style nor the boxy one (which won't fit anyway). Does anyone know if there's any other model I could try? Preferably it has to be a direct fit or at least with very minor mods...