1. F

    Looking for XS400 front wheel disk brake conversion

    Hey everyone, just bought my XS400 yesterday for $600 bucks. The guy had a set of the nice black rims for sale to, so I bought those off him as well. I've seen a lot of posts from people asking about this, but I'm just wondering if anyone has an actual write up, pictures, or video of doing the...
  2. bcware

    Riding Video

    So, I tested a camera mount out for my XS400. I made a crappy video and the mount definitely vibrates way too much. If you have a few minutes to kill, check it out. At the very least you can hear what re-packed emgo shorty mufflers sound like. I also get my knee down in a parking lot at the end...
  3. Ruined1

    Cool xs400 builds

  4. haga41cat

    Hilarious changing your oil video! very good lol

    Check out this funny vid on how to change the oil on a SR500