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1980 Special II - Engine Switch/Battery Issues

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Bob Dock, May 14, 2019.

  1. Bob Dock

    Bob Dock XS400 New Member

    I'm putting a 1979 engine into a 1980 Special II. It took me a few months as I tentatively pulled everything apart, dropped the new engine in, and started putting it back together. I'm a total newb.

    I'm having an electrical issue. The replacement engine had what looked to be the same wires coming out of it compared to the 1980 engine...ground terminal, positive terminal, and two harnesses (one male, one female). I hooked the wire harnesses to their respective male/female connections (same as old engine). When I tried to reconnect the battery, I attached the positive terminal first. As soon as the negative terminal hit the battery, something started whirring continuously, and I unscrewed the positive.

    As a total newb with no experience here I honestly have no idea what it could be. Didn't see getting my hands dirty on the electrical side with the engine swap.
  2. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    If you connect the two wires from the engine (ground, starter positive) the starter will turn.

    The ground wire goes to the negative side battery. The starter wire goes to the starter solenoid if your bike has E-start. The other side of the solenoid connects to the battery.

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