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burnaby bc canada
Hello y'all, time to start anew as I did not introduce myself on my first thread.

My name is Calvin, 21 years old, and I got a yamaha xs400j maxim. cost me a lot more than some of these project bikes but a lot less than what bikes usually go for up here. about 1600 into it now, and at 90k kms i think its time to do a rebuild.

complete engine rebuild, frame re paint, cafe style!

im going to try to post and take as many pictures as i can for myself and for whoever else is interested in the build. (and help :wink2:) my forks are leaky, my clutch is going, my right turn signal only works when im riding and either does not turn on or stays on when my brake is on, my ignition switch is dangling and can be turned with anything you can stick into the hole. all in all its not too bad as it runs, and its mine!

wish me luck! i hope it will be done by the end of april. :thumbsup:
Hey all! alright day one down more pictures up

now my fork is leaking oil on the left side, do i just need to buy replacement fork oil seals or are there more parts to it?
just ordered from mikes xs a cafe seat, a new ez switch, and some alloy headlight brackets.

looking for lower risers, and spray painting my frame, i got all these tabs all over and i dont know what to do with them.
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i wish! hey drewpy how did you detab your frame?

Welcome to the forum mate. I just detabbed my frame on the weekend so here is my 2c. I put masking tape on the tabs I wanted to remove - this is quite useful as it is easy to mix things up as you turn the frame on it's side, up side down, etc. I used the angle grinder cutting disk as much as possible to save time on the grinding disk. I started on tabs that are out of sight to "practice". I will use a sanding disk to smooth things out a bit before body filler, priming & painting.

Good luck with the build.

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:agree: yep that's the way, aha aha I like it, aha ha

use a flap wheel to reduce the ridges and finish/linish with a hand file no filler on my frame :D
:agree: yep that's the way, aha aha I like it, aha ha

use a flap wheel to reduce the ridges and finish/linish with a hand file no filler on my frame :D

A flap wheel is a good idea - I got a little too enthusiastic with the grinder in a couple of spots hence the filler.

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Just got some flap wheels and wire brushes and a hell lot of spray paint, is it okay to use non heat resistant spraypaint on the frame? and how does spray paint hold up to chips and stuff? Posting a picture of my progress soon.

also got some solvent to clean the motor and parts.
any tips on paint prep?
welcome aboard.. as for prep.. sand, sand, sand, degrease, dry and spray:bike: regular spray paint is fine on a frame, thin coats, lots of 'em and it'll hold up great to road grime
if it's got the rusties or heavy pitting. If it's decent, I'd just scuff the existing paint real good and shoot it
Heyyoo! Another vancouverite checking in. Good start on the project but looks like you're thinking into this too much. I detached my bike and removed the muffler brackets as well with the bike basically complete. Hit It with some self etching primer the matte paint.

Where are you in burnaby? I work at Willington and hastings you'll see my bike parked there soon enough!
north burnaby, my second thread is my build thread. atm my bike is totally appart, engine frame and yeah well i just canceled my insurance today :wtf:
Nice, did you go to alpha? I work at the hair salon beside pearl drops, you should come in for a comped cut and we can talk two wheels
Hello from the okanagan! - Just wondering how the fork seal situation worked out...I have the same issue with leaking oil and need to replace the seals. Did you find a good place to order them from? My 79 definately needs it and should probably do the 82 as well...
topic from october last year guys... :)

but downtimeinc, fork seals should be easy to come by, they are pretty common wearing parts. Check your local bike shop first, or you can always look at ebay, mikesxs or something