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MikesXS Review/Warning

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Dan Brueggeman, May 19, 2022.

  1. Dan Brueggeman

    Dan Brueggeman XS400 New Member

    Wanted to share this cautionary tale about MikesXS. I ordered Keyster brand carb kits. Fought the bike for 6 months trying everything to get it to run, spending thousands of dollars chasing down an issue that was caused by them selling a kit that has jet needles that are 2mm too short! Also, it has the wrong size main jets in the kit. I put the stock jets and needles back in and it runs fine. When I let them know about the kits having the wrong parts in them, all they can say is “they’re aftermarket so the tuning process is different” wtf?! I advised them that they are being irresponsible by selling a kit that is known to have the wrong parts in it and it seems that they don’t care. They were not willing to do anything to fix the situation so no, I don’t recommend them

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  2. flea

    flea XS400 Enthusiast

    welcome to the world of mikes xs , they dont care , you were lucky even to get a reply .....you have to be careful with what you order but for a lot of our parts they are the only suppliers and they know it .. if you have alook at xs650,com you will see a long list of unhappy buyers ,, myself included , being in australia with a large currency difference plus expensive shipping it just adds salt to the wounds when they stuff up as we just have to wear the added costs as well

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