voltage regulator

  1. Newscooler12316

    Wrong voltage regulator?

    Hello this is my first post so I hope I'm doing it correctly... I'm having an issue with my charging system I've read the forums but I belive it my be incorrect info for my bike(79 xs400f). The issue I'm having was an over charging issue now that I've replaced my stock regulator with a...
  2. J

    XS400 Electrical Questions

    So I’ve found an XS 400 local for $300. The seller believes there’s a short somewhere in the wiring, they claim they were riding when it happened and they actually got shocked and then the bike died and has no power to anything now (assuming whatever happened popped the main fuse) You guys...
  3. tstidham

    Re-Ring, Dodge VR and Starter Clutch Springs

    Hello all again, I have still been working over my recently acquired 1978 XS400E and thought I'd post an update on all the things I've done so far. 1. As in a previous post, I had a cracked head. I bought a used one off ebay, lapped in the valves, new valve guide seals and also decided to...
  4. J

    1981 xs400 regulator rewire??

    Hello everyone I have a 1981 Yamaha xs400 and the known good stator and field coil. Problem is when ignition is turned on the field coil doesn't excite even though the brown and green wires going to the connector of the field coil has power and when energized independently the field coil...
  5. anonymosaurus_RXS

    low voltage during idle

    Hello, Have a Yamaha XS400 sh andIm having to charge my battery once every two weeks. i’ve tested using a multimeter the stator (which is running its specs) and the reg/rec (running to specs). i’ve tested for amperage draw, get none. pretty sure everything is grounded fine. still, my bike...
  6. B

    Xs400 not regulating

    I know i've read threw most of the posts about this, but I just don't understand what is going on. Help me out? The skinny: From engine: Black - field coil ground? Green - field coil 3 whites- ac current I have the r292 VR, the magnet works when energized directly from battery, green receiving...
  7. Drewcifer

    Voltage regulator spec question. Anyone have a good voltage regulator to test?

    Hi all, I think I burned out my voltage regulator. It tests 112 ohms on both readings instead of 10.5 on the lower one. This will sound nuts but can someone verify that when they go, both readings come out around 112 ohms? Because two online sellers checked theirs for me and they got the...