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Finally put my Clubmans on [Pics Inside] (and caused YET ANOTHER PROBLEM)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by XS400D, May 31, 2012.

  1. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    So I finally put my clubman bars and bar end mirrors on. I like the change in the look a lot BUT it is not very comfortable with this high seat. I have to decide whether I want to deal with it until I build the cafe seat or if I should just flip them over for now and flip them back later.

    Opinions are very welcome.

    Side note: I also managed to make the electric start not work while i was moving the controls around. =(

  2. Drewcifer

    Drewcifer 1976 XS 360 Maniac

    If you're going to sacrifice the seat to the Gods anyway, then take it off, unskin it, chop out the height of the foam, spray glue it, and reskin it with some cheap vinyl from the fabric store until you get your cafe ass fabricated. I reskinned mine. Now that it's gotten warmer all the sags are coming out too. Write up soon.
  3. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    I actually have another seat that I plan on building out. When I bought the bike it had a fiberglass pan and a vinyl seat cover so I picked up the ugly seat that you see so I have something to ride on while I build. Just need to start on it now.
  4. CadXS

    CadXS XS400 Addict

    The electric start switch completes the starter circuit through the handlebars and frame back to the battery. New bars covered in paint sometimes have the problem of the paint insulating the switch (and through the bar clamps to the frame) from the metal of the bars and breaking this circuit. I cannot tell from the picture if your clubmans are painted/PC'ed or not but that is a common problem.
  5. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    I was wondering about that... I'll take a look and report back asap.
  6. nbriles2000

    nbriles2000 XS400 Enthusiast

    Do you have a picture of the seat chopped down and reskinned? I was wondering how it would look because I'm seriously considering doing this to my stock xs360 seat soon
  7. Drewcifer

    Drewcifer 1976 XS 360 Maniac

    I reskinned. I've seen foams chopped down, both done together I haven't taken pics of yet. Went to the library last night 15 mins before closing to read up on car upholstery. It's all about heat, a heavy duty sewing machine, and binder clips and glue. not hard, just a lot of planning. I'm doing a Cafe pop on seat that won't require much to take on and off this month. I'll keep my reskin for when the lady wants to go with...
  8. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    Damn man that is my exact plan. I want to take the gf on the back but for regular riding I need something lower and sportier.
  9. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    So I ran a wire straight from the switch to the battery ground and it clicked over. Now I need to figure out how to ground the bars. Any good tips?
  10. XS400D

    XS400D Carb Fiddling Enthusiast

    PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I scored the paint where it touches the controls and everything is gravy
  11. Drewcifer

    Drewcifer 1976 XS 360 Maniac

    Winner! Good work buddy! Surround the etched off paint with petroleum jelly to reduce corrosion.

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