Hello from south Alabama...

Leonard Hursh

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Atmore, AL
My 15 yr old son and I just picked up an 81 XS400 that the PO had converted to a cafe. Our plan is to turn it into a street brat/scrambler!?! I am using this as a high-school project since he is a freshman this year.

Bringing it home...

We stopped by a friends shop to hook it up to a fresh battery and FINALLY got it to fire and "run" with the choke pulled out.

It needs a few parts... Intake boots, spark plugs, fork seals, new bars, shifter, new seat, exhaust seals, etc., etc. etc. After replacing the boots and plugs though, she starts reliably on the first or second kick!

Having a difficult time getting the RH cone to stay on after taking them off to change the boots. Any ideas?

Here is an idea of what we are shooting for when finished...

Hopefully we can clean up the triangle before it is finished.

Thanks for any tips or ideas as we move forward.
Those air filters are the worst things to run on these bikes. I would find the stock H-pipe and use the stock style air boxes/filters. The bike will run far better. Welcome to the forum.
Thx for the welcome xschris.

From what I’ve read, the H-pipe would improve low-end power. Am I reading that correct?

Have any of y’all looked at getting the H-pipe 3D printed?
It will help with all rpm's. Also balance the carbs and will provide smoother air going into the carbs. It also has a place for the case vent hose to go that pulls gasses out of the cases in the motor. There are lot of good used ones on ebay for sale.