I laid her down at low speed and now I need parts...


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Hello this is my first post, the TL;DR is I dumped my 83' XS400K twice so I need a new clutch lever, right blinker assembly (better lights all around) and the blinker switch/mirrors plus the rubber ring for my gas cap.

Ok, for everyone else looking for a story.
Last night I decided to take my trusty dusty maxim down to my friend in Spanaway, about 20 miles south of where I live. I got there and we goofed off for a while before we decided to go another 20 miles or so down to yelm to go pick up his brother from their dads' place. We get there and I pull up close to my buddies' van on this steep patch of grass, it's about a 30 degree slope down to my right. I quickly find that it's too steep to put my kickstand out, and then see that there's a perfectly flat patch of grass ten feet ahead of me, so I give her a little gas, slowly let out the clutch, and my old street rubber swiftly lost traction. As my rear tire slid down the slope I grabbed the front brake and squeezed for dear life to no avail and I lost the bike and my pride to the earths unrelenting pull, snapping my clutch lever in two. Luckily my buddies' dad owns a mechanics shop and happens to have a yamaha dual sport with a nearly identical clutch lever, but the holes didn't quite line up well enough to use the OEM bolt. So after about 20 minutes of searching their garage, we found a slightly smaller bolt that fit well enough to get me on the road again, once we readjusted the cable to actually get it to disengage the clutch when I pulled it. Of course, I got on the road just fine but my clutch started to slip real bad around 4000RPM. I pulled of the road at the nearest gas station and adjusted the cable.

Now here's where I ask you to keep in mind that I am a new rider and therefore do stupid shite. Now back to the story.

I figured the easiest way to check the clutch off the top of my head was to put the bike in gear, roll just the littlest bit and apply the brake clutch and gas in equal measure until either the engine stalls or the clutch slips, and that worked to get it dialed in just right, so I pulled around in a wide arc through a large empty area behind the station to turn around toward the main road, and while I was going about 5mph I decided to check the clutch one more time, I locked up the front wheel and dumped the bike AGAIN, on the right side this time!! But luckily I didn't break anything this time, I just lost more gas from the old cracked seal on my gas cap that I also need to replace...
I got back to my friends' and mourned the loss of my dignity and shortly left for home.

In conclusion I got home alive and well, but now I need some parts, preferably aftermarket parts that will serve me better than stock did, I'll put the full list below. I'll also add pics of my bike and the damage in a bit once I'm off work

Clutch lever assembly
Front right blinker assembly (or all new aftermarket set)
Blinker switch assembly
Gas cap rubber gasket
New mirrors because mine look like garbage and don't adjust well
If anybody can point me in the direction of a kit to switch to all LED lights?
And a rear brake pedal because mine was mostly busted off when I got the bike.

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!


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Thank you for your tale of woe. It makes myself and others not feel quite so foolish for some of the shite we try.
On your parts needed. Lights are easy to find, Check Ebay. You will find them by the boat load.
Same with mirrors. The brake pedal you might not find quite so many but should find one.
Same with the clutch lever and perch. You might find just a new lever that fits your perch but may find one that comes complete with a perch that better suits your style.
On the tank cap seal you might try getting an o-ring the right size to be a snug fit on part of the cap the original seal mountgs on. Slip it on along with your old seal.
Get a Paypal if you dont have one and look for the parts you need in the classifieds here. Probably get everything you need from one person too.