ISO 82 seca 400 fuel tank


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Youngstown Ohio
I recently was given the 82 Yamaha seca 400 I first learned to ride bike on from 1996. Back then I had a leaky tank and had coated the inside which worked but the bike has since been with a family member who left it sit for years with 1/3 tank of gas. The coating has since rotted away and started leaking again. I'd like to get it back on the road looked at the Maxim 400 tank and noticed it might work but wouldn't fit right. Does anyone have a decent tank from the seca 400 version 82-83?
Well the tank is clean,few scratches (paint), no dents.
No cap and badges though.
I have side covers left and right as well
Seems like you wouldnt want to go this route, but Ive repaired old gas tanks by filling the holes with solder and then filing it down a bit to smooth it out. Worked well but I didnt risk filing the solder down perfectly flat. Probably couldve put some filler around it and blended it in though..
My tank was coated inside 15 some off years ago and the coating worked all these years...but now it has gotten back thru the coating and the coating is actually all peeling like old paint on the it has rusted thru more. To fix my garbage it needs the section cut out and another welded back in...I can't find any replacement tanks so I figured I'd reach out on here...the bike was given to me as a gift, so if I have to spend 100 bux or more to get another I'm ok with it. Just as long as the inside of urs is in good shape
Again there's plenty of maxim 400 tanks that will prolly work, but the seat wouldn't fit right and the side plastics will be off to a bit I believe...I'm trying to keep a factory tank on runs so good still, plan on making the wife learn to ride motorcycle with this
Out of the city for the weekend(Canadian Thanksgiving)...but will post pics on monday night.
125$ problem.