My petcock threw up—!

Appreciate your time, you have been wicked helpful- so yesterday, yeah, got the bike running and idling smooth but fuel kept rolling out of one side- i even ride the bike, felt good…took the carbs off, then apart and cleaned them, thinking maybe the initial ‘starting’ got em bunked up- put em back together and reinstalled them and didn’t even notice the hole in the float- took them back out and then I noticed- anyway, the seller from eBay was understanding and I really do feel it was an oversight so I found another set, ordered two rebuild kits and had to put off what I wanted to happen yesterday-:) lol-

Hello my friend- I’m in ‘carb hell’…so the first set of carbs had a hole in the float, sent them back..second set I snagged ($150) is absolutely frozen, I mean frozen- so I may have to send that one back too- what would you do if you were me (again, not super mechanically inclined…)- someone has a listing for 100% rebuilt and blasted etc carbs for $399 I think it is- I’m so frustrated maybe I should have done this at the get go- needing help in Hartford! Lol
Last question- with a capped vacuum hose on my 81xs- will gas flow naturally if it’s not running? Maybe that’s why gas kept pouring out of the carbs as I’m standing there- oh if I only knew…
Maybe a little late, but....

I did find a source for new Mikuni floats (genuine Mikuni too!). That is Sudco International in California. I don't know the pricing, but here is the relevant info on them:
Brass float is Sudco part # 002-114
Plastic float is Sudco part # 007-727

They look to be a veritable one-stop-shop for everything Mikuni.

thanks guys- I had a sick kind of realization this am (maybe)- so I’ll pose my thought in a question…

I capped the vacuum line on the engine but DIDNT cap it in the carbs- would this be why gas would continue to pour out if the carbs? I’m thinking I answered my own question….please let me know your thoughts!
If they are factory carbs, there isn't anything to cap. Only the two vacuum ports on the carb holders. If fuel is leaking, either the float level is wrong, the needle or seat is worn or the float is sinking due to holes. When I rebuilt my carbs, I had a leak only while on the side stand out of the left carb. I found my seat was worn and ordered two new ones from mikesxs.