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Hello, new member

I acquired a 1981 XS400H (I believe) and will have access to the bike later this summer when I return home. I am learning as much as possible before then. I have an idea of what needs to be done to get it running. As well as a list of questions

Firstly, I plan on stripping the bike, cleaning the carbs, installing new engine gaskets, getting fresh tires, new spark plugs, rear blinkers, etc. (general housekeeping). Hoping this is all the bike needs to get running as it was ridden into the shop last year (carbs haven't been cleaned in at least 5-10 years).

Secondly, In terms of tires, I am aware of the stock tire sizes (90/90-18) and rear (120/90-16). But was curious as to if I could size up to a 100/90-18 & 130/90-16 on the stock swingarm? how often do wheel bearings need to be replaced on these old rides?

Thirdly, Is there a good/reliable source for lowering the stock front forks?

Lastly, If there is anything in general I should look out/keep an eye on with this bike when working on. Id simply like to be prepared. My plan is to convert this into a little minimalist café bike with an aftermarket seat, lowered front forks, painted tank/side cover, exhaust.

Thank you all and look forward to updating the build with this little thing.
Here is the bike, was not sure how to add pics to the upload, If anyone knows, please let me know


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