For Sale - Selling/parting out 77 XS400 includes MotoGadget stuff $1000 or offer!

Myke Nytemare

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Enterprise, Florida
I have my pretty much complete 77 XS400 that I need to sell or part out as its taking up room in the garage and I simply will never get to working on it. I have the title from the previous owner that was signed over to me as I never registered it in my name.

It was running in early 2016 and was good cosmetically (relatively fresh seat and painted tins/seat, electric starter, new exhaust) then I started tinkering, got rid of the electric starter, and bought a bunch of motogadget stuff (m-unit v2, m-button, wiring, grips, m-gauge), some new non-electric start handlebar controls, new throttle cable, and some custom brackets/mounts from Two Hands Motorcycles in Germany. Also have a few other new parts like the headlight/ears that I picked up along the way. Still have the original wiring harness and some parts in a box.

I was almost halfway through the rewire (signals from switches to motogadget were working, molex connectors and wiring terminating at the headlight, handlebar signals wired) and then had to abandon plans for family and moves over the last two years. It needs the carb cleaned out again, and the rewiring finished along with new bar end signals (they were broken during the multiple house moves).

I would sell the entire bike for $1000 to whoever wants to trailer it away which includes the $300 motogadget speedo, $300 motogadget m-unit V2, the $200 of brackets from Two Hands, the m-button, $100 LED headlight and mounting ears, headlight and etc. Essentially, you are getting the bike for $100. Otherwise, make an offer on the parts.

First pic is bike when I bought it and the rest are now.


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