Throttle Shaft Seals

Thank you sir. I’m still thinking like the XS1100 addict that Iam and got confused between the BS 34 and BS 32 and can’t remember the differences
I just ordered a set from ebay advertised as fitting the XS400 and XS 650. They went in just fine and seemed to be perfect fit for the shafts. Haven't put them on the bike yet so can't swear to it but they looked and felt correct
Are you sure 256-14997-00-00 is the correct part number? Everywhere I find them says these are incompatible with the XS400.

Yes. At some point Yamaha decided to not list them as a separate part for a whole lot of bikes.

The fact that butterfly screws are peened shows they didn't actually mean for carbs to be taken apart.

But they do fit.