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I intend to film most of the maintenance I do as I go along now that I have a better camera.

Don't worry, the older low quality videos will get replaced over time.


These videos shouldn't replace the repair manual. I'm pretty thorough, but I can't possibly cover every detail and every model variation. You should be reading the manual and using the video as a supplement. I also make mistakes sometimes (I'm not a professional) and my techniques can often be improved upon. I add annotations to the videos after I finish filming to help correct my mistakes. If I make any glaring errors or you think something could be better please feel free to comment here publicly so that everyone else will know about this too and benefit from the new information.

The repair manuals can be found here.

Before you send me a private message:

Just because I filmed the job doesn't mean I have time to walk every person through every step of every job. People with high post counts on the forums here tend to get bombarded with PMs asking for personal motorcycle maintenance tutoring. Please read the manual first, then do a search of the forums, then consider making a new thread if the information isn't already available, and THEN consider PMing me if the matter really is specific to me.
My videos:

NEW Carburetors in HD

NEW Oil Change

fork rebuild

chain tension and alignment

rear drum brake adjustment

basic clip master link info

general wheel bearing information

carburetors part 1

carburetors part 2

ignition timing

Other videos:

ignition timing by user mcrowell75
Those are great! I was just complaining the other day that all of the stuff on youtube that I'm interested in is done with shaking cameras, low light and people who never heard of editing. Thanks for some good vids!
First thanks Will, secondly do you have a Paypal, your videos have been really helpful. I would love to send you money for a pint.
I would suggest this video thread get linked to on the tech page (or stickied in the garage). Have been a great supplement to the manual to help visualize. Continued thanks to this great site and Will for these videos!
Thanks so much for the videos. I think it helps a lot of people out, and I know it makes me realize I’m no the only person who tinkers on these old things.

I had a question on the timing video- you would switch the test light to the other wire on the points for the right cylinder correct?

Thanks again