xs400 1979 - electronic ignition problem


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Hello guys,

I have an issue with my electronic ignition i bought from mike xs 2 years ago. There seems to be no current going to one of the coils (both new) when plugged, and the bike will only spark on one cylinder. Any one had the same issue with the mike's xs kit? We're trying to figure it out with my mechanics, but no luck yet. I went to a electronic repair shop to see if the ignition had an issue, but they told me it was all good after testing it. Where should i start to troubleshoot? Could it also be a bad magnet or computer unit?

detecting all wiring and the presence of damage, detecting or detecting other problems.
all electrical components related to the ignition system, damage or malfunctions are detected.
All sensors and position sensors that may affect the ignition system are used.
Observe if there are any errors or fault codes that may help in identifying the problem.
Try replacing components one at a time, using techniques that may be the most significant sources of problems.
I am clueless as the unit seems to be faulty with current tests with a multimeter, i decided to reinstall points and see if all works, then troubleshoot from there. will keep this thread updated
I picked up the Mike's xs kit for my 78 but haven't installed it yet. One of the warnings on the documentation warns of leaving the ignition on for extended periods of time without it running. My guess is one of the mosfets might overheat? I think I'll plan on wiring in a kill switch just in case as sometimes you have to leave the ignition on while tracking down electrical issues.
Might be! I haven't had time to try my points yet but once i get the bike running i will try and troubleshoot my ignition unit at the end of season. if nothing works i might end up buying a new one at some point, but it's a salty price point for me as im outside the US and customs + delivery really f** me over. Cheers