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west yorkshire
hi everyone, ive recently purchased an xs 400. The bike is on a uk q registration and the logbook only recognises it as a red yamaha 400 1985, the logbook also states unknown year of manufacture. The bike is clearly a standard good condition xs and im hoping to get it on a relative year registration. This is where it gets interesting, i have spoken to yamaha uk who say that the chassis/engine number is not recognised. I spoke to yambits who were quite helpful but also couldnt find any info on the bike. So the number is 4G5-000069 and the guy at yambits told me that the 4G5 prefix starts at 000101 and the bike is possibly a pre-production model. Any help or advice trying to make sense of this would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Hi. It's either an 80 or 81. If it is a preproduction model then it's 80. It's in nice shape. Good luck with it.
4g5 would be 80-83 se or u.s. custom for the uk. Very close to the u.s. 80sg model but yours would have points ignition. The bars and mufflers on your bike are aftermarket. Most likely done by someone because the stock ones had gone bad and where too hard to find.