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I took a tumble :(

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by petei, May 3, 2012.

  1. Drewcifer

    Drewcifer 1976 XS 360 Maniac

    Dude the one you can walk away from is a good one indeed.

    Ride safe!
  2. petei

    petei XS400 Addict

    Haha true enough
  3. vectra

    vectra XS400 Addict

    Least you got to ride home . The wreck I had I remember comeing
    Off and wakeing up in hospital with a cop telling me I'm lucky
    To be alive. Said my back should have been broke when I hit the telegraph pole.
    And I've not been back on a bike in 16yrs I hope I can ride
    Again when I get my 79 rebuilt
  4. petei

    petei XS400 Addict

    Holy, Glad to hear your going to get back on a bike. I;m glad the crash was bad enough to make me more cautious but not so severe that I don't want to ride anymore.
  5. vectra

    vectra XS400 Addict

    still dont know if i can get back on one and ride. the need is there i just don't know
    i always got told to get back on after it happend. now my heart is saying ride and my head saying remenber last time :shrug:
  6. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    Don't think that way; what's done is done. Car or motorcycle; they both have inherent risks. If you want to avoid crashes due to rider error simply drill on turning, stopping quickly, and spatial awareness. Increase your following distance, wear high visibility clothing, and full safety gear in general. There are many steps you can take to help minimize risk, but you're going to ultimately decide whether you're comfortable or not.
  7. dO-bOy

    dO-bOy Woohooo!

    Hahahahahaha good one

    I found a rear signal if you need it, just pay shipping
  8. dO-bOy

    dO-bOy Woohooo!

    Whoops, 2nd page
  9. Lou Ranger

    Lou Ranger Former xs400 Luddite Top Contributor

    Glad you didn't break anything on the important machine (your body) and I hope you are recovering well.
    Bent-w is right, bend as much as you can into serviceable shape for use during your practice (BREAK-in) period. That way you can practice while taking your time shopping for bargain replacements.
    Last year, after a 36 year hiatus, I started up again with an sr250. I religiously practised on paved secondary roads and residential streets and was feeling pretty sure of myself. Then one day, I reversed my usual practice route thinking it would be nice to see everything from the opposite direction. I made a left into a small street I had previously only turned out of and was admiring the new view instead of looking at the road in front. So, instead of cutting the corner on the track people use when exiting, I ran right over that little triangle of sand and pea-gravel in the middle. Was going less than 5 kph but went from admiring the view to laying on the ground in an instant. No slow motion sequence, no time to think of and consider alternatives - just boom, laying on the ground.

    Scratched a mirror and turn-signal (luckily an aftermarket rubbery one which didn't smash), bent the shifter which gouged a chunk out of the engine casing. It would look better with new parts but pipe wrench and pliers worked fine. Used a blob of "GOOP" to fill the gouge in the casing and put another blob on the back side of the shifter. I figured if it happened again, it would be good to have a rubber cushion to take the hit so I wouldn't have to buy a new casing. I am going to do the same thing on the back side edges of my xs400 pedals too, now that I think of it.
    Take good care and always look down before you turn.
  10. petei

    petei XS400 Addict

    So the inventory has been taken:

    Luckily the I had indicators ordered off eBay already, they should be arriving soon.

    She looks so naked

    The plastice casing is cracked pretty bad, the gauges themselves are ok, if anyone has a gauges set for sale let me know. I may pick up the mini gauges from partnmore

    head light mount is pretty bent i don't think i can bend it back without compormising the strength, plus partsnmore has mounts for 12$ that are nicer.

    this one is only dented so i'll just pop it out and we are good to go. New sealed lamp are only 11$ on partsnmore.

    i'll be :bike: again in no time.
    Last edited: May 6, 2012
  11. bentwrench

    bentwrench DOHC Crazy Top Contributor

    Looks not too bad at all. I'm going to try installing some of the parts n more brackets tonight - I'll post how it goes on my customize thread.
  12. lhaolpa

    lhaolpa XS400 Junkie

    One factor that I might mention is the front brake on sandy or gravel surface. The front tire will flip you if it slips when the brake is applied. I learned this about 45 years ago when trying to stop at an intersection,and used the front brake too long. The tire slid and I laid the bike down,not hurt but scared a little. From that time on,I watched closely approaching a stop looking for gravel.Most riders have gone through the same thing,even if with different outcomes.Curves greater than 90 degrees are a good time to slow down,lean and hope!! lha
  13. bentwrench

    bentwrench DOHC Crazy Top Contributor

    FYI - the brackets from Partnsmore don't have holes for your signals, so you'd need to figure that part out (as in, I need to figure that part out...)
  14. petei

    petei XS400 Addict

    K which bracket did you get?
    becasue i think i can rig the signals to these:

    or you can buy these at 6$ from partsnmore:
  15. bentwrench

    bentwrench DOHC Crazy Top Contributor

    What is the link for that second thing?

    As for the brackets, yes, you could, with some washers...
  16. petei

    petei XS400 Addict

  17. bentwrench

    bentwrench DOHC Crazy Top Contributor

    Those are made to mount them to your handlebars - better to go with the first one you linked. Or do like I will, and drill through the Tomaseli knock-offs.
  18. petei

    petei XS400 Addict

    OK update number 2

    PROBLEM i noticed the chain had a lot of slack in it and that the adjuster bolts are almost all the way in, could this be a sign of a bigger issue:umm:? here is a picture.




    still waiting for partsnmore to stock the light i'm going to go check my local shop to see how much they cost there.

    I am in need of a turn signal, i came up with a new way of mounting them, i'll post pictures if it works out well.
  19. That's the same boat my brother is in with his bike, I'm thinking the chain is worn out. I would think that, if you really need to get by with it, you could just take out two links. I would just order a new chain though, $25 is worth the peace of mind.
  20. petei

    petei XS400 Addict

    So you don't think it was caused by the accident? i distinct;y remember it not being this loose before.

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