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Idle racing

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Joseph Michael Napper, May 17, 2019.

  1. Thanks everyone for your help! Carbs are rebuilt and the bike is on the road! The idle races at times though. Is this an air/ fuel adjustment issue? Running to rich on fuel maybe? Also, my right turn indicator isn't functioning. The bulbs are good so I'm guessing a wire connection isn't making contact. Any any advice is appreciated. Thanks again!
  2. Clean the turn signal contacts in the handlebar with a q tip and isopropyl alcohol. Relay could be shot as well if cleaning doesn't work. Watch any generic YouTube on it.

    Could still be dirty carbs, air/fuel adjust, etc. Did you bench synch and then synch them on the bike? YouTube a video to make your own carb synch tool for cheap cheap cheap
  3. Also assume you adjusted idle screw for idle RPM s?
  4. Thanks! Just got it all taken care of. The fuel mixture screws were out 4 turns, I took them down to seat then back out 2 turns and it's running perfect now. Also, found two bad soldering spots in the turn signal housing. Re-soldered them and it's good to go! Thanks for being here!
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