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Time to get her on the road....maybe

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by nickso, May 4, 2015.

  1. nickso

    nickso XS400 Enthusiast

    Hello folks, been a long time since I have spent any real time on here.

    Sadly the XS has been way down the list recently but I started back on her today. Been so long since I worked on her I couldn't actually remember what was needed so I gave her a look over and slowly the reasons why I stopped working in her came back to me :laugh:

    So far:

    New clutch cable- it's too short now.
    New throttle cable- its stiff and doesn't return at all.
    Rear brake- too much travel and crap feel
    Tank fixed on properly
    Sort the headlight bracket
    Find out what's wrong with the speedo unit
    Front forks- They bottom out when the brake is applied, can't imagine that will be fun on the road, I'm thinking really thick oil or better springs
    Crank vent needs a filter and some faffing to get it to fit
    Some sort of bracket to replace the front mudguard
    New carb rubbers
    Sort the coil mounts
    Figure out whats wrong with the wiring that caused the speedo unit to fry.
    Get it started and idling properly-not looking forward to that really :D

    Today I did a few wee bits, dusted her off, mounted the rear mudguard and measured up for the new cables. Sadly I am away offshore soon so will have to wait til I get back. but will order up the cables for when I get back.

    Here she is in all her glory for just now. :)

    Attached Files:

  2. ScottLuke

    ScottLuke XS400 Addict

    looks great! where did the rear fender come from? Awesome color, OD green rocks!
  3. nickso

    nickso XS400 Enthusiast

    THanks, I saw the guard at a car/bike show, it's from a Triumph Tiger Cub. Was only a tenner for the front and back so I bought them both not knowing if either would fit. I cut maybe a third off the end and welded up the mounting holes.

    Got a new throttle cable on, waiting for the custom clutch cable to come back.

    Does anyone know where to get those little rubber grommets that hold the airbox cover panels on? Mine are goosed and I can't see any for sale anywhere.

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