1. 0

    Introductions are in order

    Hello everyone. My name is Peter. I have owned my 81 XS400 Heritage Special since May 2009. It had about 3500km on it at the time, but had been sitting for about 14 years. It was in very good condition overall, but had been dumped mildly and had a few dents and dings. That did not matter...
  2. 0

    Introduction and charging issues

    Hi. New to the forum yesterday, and am glad I found it. I hope I can help someone out soon, but I need some help now. I have an 81 XS400 that I have hardtailed and stretched. I put it together last year and rode it for a few months to make sure it was ok. This winter I took it apart and...
  3. hardtailed77

    Battery options...

    I'm re-building my hardtailed XS400, and want to run the smallest battery that I can get away with. I am only running a headlight and tailight at the moment, along with the kick and electric start. I may add a nuetral light this go around also, but not sure yet. Does anyone know a battery...
  4. drewpy

    some modded xs400's

    just been trailing my pictures on the pc and uploaded a few pictures of the vaious xs400's I have collected over the last 5 yeras. I got more somewhere..... 450cc conversion
  5. Travis

    Yamaha XS400 Wiring Diagrams

    Let's make this the official wiring diagram thread... Please add them as you find them.. If you have a specific electrical or wiring question about your bike, please start your own thread. Thanks. Here are some wiring diagrams I found on the net. Some of the file names give a clue as to...