1. R

    Ape Hangers! Cable length? Stock cable length?

    Hey guys! I am new to the forum. I am installing 12 inch ape hangers and I am looking for answers on length for the cables. what length should I use? Where to get them? And also if someone could tell me what lengths are the stock cables? I just want to do it right the first time. The internet...
  2. thekinggrim

    Gooseneck Chopper

    Gday peeps thought my current xs400 chop build might tickle some of your fancies its a 70s inspired gooseneck frame hardtailed one off just started work on it this week still gotta rebuild and polish the old xs lump but planning on running a 1/2 chain driven pma alternator as the old coil and...
  3. Nanook92

    Hardtail Project

    Hey y’all! Been reading a while but finally thought I’d post something. I picked up a bone stock 1981 for $300. Today I cut it in half and installed a hardtail kit from VooDoo Vintage. It’s my first time doing something as in depth as this but I think it’s coming along pretty good so far! The...
  4. Gray

    XS 360 "Chopper" simplified wiring diagram

    Hey folks, I'm trying to help a good friend get a bastardized '76 XS360 back on the road, and the last hurdle to jump is the wiring (of course). I rebuilt the motor crank-up a couple years ago, but it's all been sitting since then. Time to get this thing going. I'm looking for a simplified...
  5. Amen

    For Sale - 81 XS400 Hardtail $1000

  6. T

    81 400xs turbo build

    So I picked up this bike a while ago and decided to try a turbo project. Aside from this bike looking great from a needs many....many.....odds and ends to be tied up. The previous owner just lost interest I think. Anyways.....after research I have decided a blow through turbo...
  7. Flagg

    '81 xs400 chopper project

    Hey all, let me start by saying, awesome site! :thumbsup: I'm new here. What an exciting week I've had. Just picked up an '81 xs400 for $100. A neat story. A long story. You can find it here: We (my brother and I) have a shop, and...
  8. Herd

    Kong Style Chopper build

    Hey, all! I picked this bike up in March of this year and have been working on converting it into a Kong Style chopper. There was a gentlemen named Kong in the CB750 chopper community who built some really cool looking bikes, and this bike is inspired by some of those builds. I picked the bike...
  9. axl_foley

    (intro) new owner of chopped 1980 xs400!

    so a couple weeks ago, i picked up this 1980 xs400sg (i believe its an sg model) over a decade ago, i owned a crotch rocket for a couple years. i wanted to get back on a bike but figured i would go for something that didnt tempt me to go a billion mph or on one wheel. i was looking into...
  10. N

    Fork question

    My son bought a xs 400 hardtail chopper. I went to change out the fork seals and found that they are not the stock 33 mm, but they are 35 mm forks. The lower legs both have caps and one is 1 1/4" longer than the other. They do not have a standoff for drum brakes, they had a muffler clamp with a...
  11. M

    wanting ideas on foward controls for a dohc

    Hello forum. I just came across a deal I couldn't pass up. I just picked up an 1982 Maxim with 9500 miles for $50. Carbs are off for rebuild. I am looking to do a mild chopper look with the stock swingarm and tank. My biggest issue is I am 6 foot 5. I am looking for ideas for f/c and seat mods...
  12. mctwisty

    79 rigid- slow build style

    Figured i should start a build thread, instead of just lurking around. i have two '79s sitting in my garage, one was given to me, and the other is a build for a friends wife. i worked a deal where i fix his extensive, and ever growing collection of bikes, and he tattoos me (he owns a shop) and...
  13. Builtin_DaShed

    For those who like to chop!

    From Voodoo vintage posted over at Chop Cult. XS400 hardtail. wasn't sure if there was a post about it here.
  14. R

    1982 Maxim 400

    Bought it for $400 as a *torn down broken garbage stripped (but not salvaged) piece of s*** Yamaha's version of the Nighthawk back in 1982, its called a Yamaha XS400J or XJ400 Maxim In the middle of restoration, i rode it around with a grey tank and a fluorescent green monster...
  15. B

    My new project.. keep chopper look or switch to a bobber!?

    My new project I picked up and had in mind for a bobber.. --*definitely going to get rid of tank. *change forks? *finish building the hard tail. There seems to be no prefabricated hardtail kit for the xs400 bikes.. any tips or clips on building the hardtail with out a jig??
  16. Jones

    Wiring toggle for turn signals

    Hey, wondering if anyone has wired an on-off-on toggle switch for their turn signals. I have a 1981 SH. The switch only has 3 terminals to attack the wires, there are about 6 wired that need to be attached. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks
  17. M

    Making it kick only, do i still need solenoid?

    hey guys, another question, 1980 xs400. im making it a kick only.. do i still need the solenoid??? cant i just run the starter motor wire off the positive, and then another wire off the positive to a switch then to the main fuse going to the coils and ignition unit? keep in mind, i really am not...
  18. N

    Chopper wiring diagram

    My son just bought a xs400 chopper. It needs to be completely rewired. Does anyone have a bare bone chopper wiring diagram for a xs400 ?
  19. 2

    need a little info

    my chain is exactly a half link too long. they don't make a 530 o-ring half link unfortunately so my next idea is the sprocket. does anyone know the stock tooth count for either front or rear sprocket on an 81? do they make a sprocket that would take up just a half a link of space?
  20. M

    having trouble firing up

    ok, granted, the motor has been sitting for a while. but ive redone pretty much everything. now im down to the last part and i wired everything up, for kick only. i have checked the battery, and its fine. but i got to kick it over, and its turning over but its just isnt quiiieeeet getting there...