1. Sean Shameless

    XS petcock vs Maxim Petcock

    Hey all, I’m prepping a new tank to be swapped on my bike and figured I’d get a new petcock and put it on while I’m at it. I found this reasonably priced one but I’m not clear if it’s for a straight up XS or a Maxim or if they’re the same in that regard. I tried searching but didn’t see that...
  2. Winnipeg_79_XS400

    electric start is dead?!?!

    I brought the bike home yesterday and it ran fine. I went to start my bike today, the lights went on when I turned on the ignition, and nothing when I hit the start. I tried the kick start and has compression, no start. I charged the battery and still nothing, I checked the connections under...
  3. M

    New guy looking for petcock spring

    Hey everybody. Picked up a 1982 XS400J from the FIL for free. I've got side covers in the mail and the carbs rebuilt. When I went to rebuild the petcock, which was full flow all day no matter where you had the selector, I noticed that the spring that is supposed to be in the petcock is...
  4. robindean

    For Sale - '82 Seca 400 Parts Pile - $100 (?)

    ... by the way, long time no chat folks! Kinda missed this forum 8-) So, my 1982 Seca 400 has long been sold (and sadly, neglected from what I hear). I have a list of new moto gear I'd like to purchase for the upcoming season and hope you kind folks can help me by purchasing some (or all) of my...
  5. billday

    '82 XS400 (dohc) petcock rebuild question

    Hi guys, Long time no post. I'm rebuilding my petcock with this kit The kit has everything you'd want except for the in-tank fuel filter. Does anyone know a source for that item for this machine? Cheers...
  6. Xxspcxcavxx

    Fuel petcock

    I need a petcock for my tank and was curious if one from a 1981 xj650 would work on my 1980 xs 400 tank.
  7. butterbeats

    1978 XS400 need cheap generic petcock that fits??

    Hi xs400ers, any ideas on compatible petcocks such as 1978 xs360 that will fit my 1978 xs400 fuel tank. Ebay prices for preloved units are a little too much....anyone had any success with substitutions?? thanks BB
  8. doodsaibot

    Fuel not flowing freely

    So, I noticed my bike would not start up today. I rode it about 24 miles or so a couple days before with no issues. In fact, it ran better than ever and I had a blast since I had cleaned the carbs a couple weeks before. Anyway, I disconnected the fuel line (with filter still attached to the fuel...
  9. 8

    Need help rebuilding petcock

    I'm cleaning and rebuilding my '78 petcock and the inlet tube was badly corroded. After a good cleaning, it has a visible hole (more like a split) in it that was underneath all the corrosion. Are these inlet tubes brass or copper? It seems like copper. Can I just solder-repair it or...
  10. J

    Petcock versions per year?

    Is there different versions of petcocks used on our bikes? Perhaps some that will require different diaphragms? I bought a petcock repair kit from Parts-n-more but the diaphragm with those little holes in the corner that didn't line up, and the O-ring that goes on around the toggle wasn't fitting.
  11. G

    Petcock options? ('82 Maxim)

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of an aftermarket petcock that may be cheaper than the $25+ rebuild kit. Mine is dripping from both holes depending on which one I plug and I think I'd rather just have an on/off/manual petcock and plug the vacuum off. Any problems with runability if I...
  12. J

    83 Petcock leaking at ON, no vacuum tube

    Hi All, My 83 Maxim did not have a vacuum tube attached to the petcock when I bought it several months ago. It ran, however I'm not sure how well it did since I have no reference for comparison. I rode it for short distances to the gas station and such a few times. There have been several...
  13. C

    Petcock leaking, what's this?

    Ok, so my petcock is spitting fuel out the side where this little hole is. The hole looks like it's supposed to be there. the little tiny gasket covers the hole but that gasket is pretty chewed up. So, is that hole necessary? What's the remedy here? Just new rubber gasket or what?
  14. F

    Leaking Petcock. Buy new or repair kit?

    As the title states, I have a leaky Petcock. I just bought the bike and it has cold start issues. Could the leaky Petcock be the culprit for this issue? Also, should I get a Petcock repair kit or just buy a new one, besides the leak, everything looks good. Attached is a picture of where the gas...
  15. Savantjk

    Petcock hookup (oem)

    Search didn't return anything usable.. It's been a while since I disassembled the bike and have had finals since then.. so there are a few things here and there that I simply forgot. I replaced the lines, cleaned the carbs, and put new boots on.. I'm not too familiar with a vacuum petcock and...
  16. iaregenius

    Petcock questions/options

    Ok, I bought a 78 Yamaha DT125 tank. I know it's not an XS400 tank but I plan to try and fit it :thumbsup: It has a screw on type petcock, I wanted to try to find a brass petcock or explore different options rather than just the stock one. I measured it with a caliper and appears to be 16mm...