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1978 XS400 2E flat track build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by TazioliBuilt, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Got this bike for some cash and it had no harness attached. Removed headlight, added a top three I put together with risers and rentals. Using a xs400D or E kill switch/run switch. No starter. D or E ignition and loom which I removed all lights blinkers etc wires and relays. Harness lost some weight. Hooked harness up to the bike and after ground issues and a bad coil I had spark on each side. Bike will run 18x4 trials tires. Hope they fit! Drum brake in rear and no front brake. Cutting stock battery box to allow room for the pods. May buy a flat tracker style seat pan, anyone have one laying around?
  2. If anyone is interested, For sale off the bike is the clip ons for 33mm bars, I don’t want those.


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  3. Petew

    Petew XS400 True Believer Top Contributor

    If you are planning AHRMA events they sometimes require stock seat pan, depending on class. Not sure if that would affect your plans or not.
  4. It’s flat track AMA district 17
  5. Here are some photos from the last few days
    I got a “cafe” project left to die because of wiring. It had no harness, only a on/off switch that wasn’t wired and it was adorable because this bike was build around ideas and the kids didn’t have the skills and shouldn’t have been doing such things. Took a harness I built for racing and wired this bike up and put proper grounding too. Rebuild the carbs, added a 47.5 pilot jet. May switch mains up two sizes, lots of jets came with this Yamaha (I have two xs400s). Cut this kids seat off his angle iron pan and with some old grips I cut in half, wrapped the frame and laid the seat down. Had to drill a hole for a ground but all is well. Brazed copper onto seat rail for mounting the pan. Made “clevis?” pins for the seat mounts in rear. Carbs go into the H pipe that used to go to the air box. H pipe mounts to pod filters which I internally restricted. Stock battery box was cut to make room for the pods. Rental, no front brake—I’ll have the side covers on tonight. Running a small tach but i already destroyed a tach wire from mikes xs! Good thing I have the original! Still have to install indicator lights for neutral and oil and button up wiring loom and then gotta buy tires, 4” in the rear and 3.5” up front.

    ECCDD306-89FB-41B7-A708-F28A62391E04.jpeg 6643F902-C0ED-4408-8D73-E56C1DED9439.png A9D3D885-26B7-43AE-8160-5BAD2CEF62EE.jpeg 781722B6-3C70-45E5-82C1-44D212D6651F.jpeg F06D745D-3B2C-444B-B482-1EF8ADC9D2A1.jpeg 282F2233-B8C6-4829-A5E4-5A14793DFE89.jpeg F91D20D8-6FFF-4CF1-B6F8-4CE613E6B456.jpeg BB54FA00-AAA1-4889-A788-C331DFE63A6C.jpeg
  6. BBS360

    BBS360 XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Lookin good. Better see a race video in the future.

    What are you doing for a battery? Doesn't look like stock size will fit in the box any more?
  7. Thank you. I should be racing at the vintage national in Springfield. I’ll have video.

    I wanted to keep the stock box so I can mount to it and the new battery is a small sealed 2.8 amp 12 volt battery. I’ll tske a picture tomorrow. It takes up less than half of the stock battery box. Charges via battery tender mini.
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  9. Few pics from yesterday

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  10. B7F6FD3A-A648-4760-AFBA-BB2B7B06B302.jpeg DC1FB9C6-8C00-465D-874C-7E7E35FF36E5.jpeg
    Made a ramp out of 3/4 or 1” plywood, 9 inches wide total. 6” “runway”. Took her to my parents to show my Dad. Decorated his driveway. Most of those are skids going quick enough to lay brand new rubber down on trials tires, 4.00” rear and 3.50” front. She will burnout in a roll with a 37t rear. Anyone have a 41!? I’d love a bigger gear on the wheel. Thanks!

    Oh, and this is the fastest xs400 on both sides of the Mississippi. I will race anyone!
  11. xschris

    xschris XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Any vids of you racing this yet? Love to see the burnouts also.
  12. NewHavenMike

    NewHavenMike 1976 XS360C Top Contributor

    Yea I could never come close to picking up the front wheel. But then again, I havent actually tried. I dont have the guts to drop the clutch either.
  13. No vids yet, can wasn’t ready for the 5 hour trip x2 and I kinda ran out of $$$. I’ll get some video of me riding it and giving it hell. I’ve been like 30% on it and she has a lot more to show me.
  14. I don’t have to clutch drop to get her to want to pick it up but if I throttle too hard, she will spin it. It’s a LOT of fun.
  15. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper XS400 Addict

    A fork brace of some kind would probably help a lot with those skinny tubes. Also swapping out the heavy front rim.

    Also more video of it going round about!
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  16. I have to run period correct forks, a brace would be ideal but I don’t have one!

    I like having the weight up front, helps her stay in it lock to lock but right now I have too much preload in the rear and I’ll get that sorted out.

    My camera died after I put it on the tripod, may go back out tonight to test again. Made some changes and she is mean.

    Going to make more changes with the intake but I’m very pleased except for the handling which I think I have nailed down.

    Who’s got a brace!?
  17. Had my first race. Took 4th place. Revved her up to 11.5k/12k in 3rd gear in the straights. Corners down to 6 lowest and back up to 8k and then back to 11.5/12k. Motor wouldn’t blow?

    Motor was great, faster I went—better she handled. Was a 1/2 mile cushion track in Wisconsin. Raced in the vintage pro twins class against 750 triumphs and a Yamaha xs750(bored650) and a Harley 900.

    Was in 2nd in the main and revved so high I couldn’t get out of 2nd. Was doing about 70-80 in the straights and maybe down to 45 or so in the corner but was heavy on the throttle through the corners.

    Only recorded my heat, forgot to record the main.

    Attached Files:

  18. Petew

    Petew XS400 True Believer Top Contributor

    We'd love to see the video of the heat race!!!
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