I think the seat is too big of a challenge. Considering how much work i put on this bike i dont want to out a sack on it. Ill probably go to a store that can upholster the seat for me.

I was also wondering about air filter alternatives? With the electronics tray I used I cannot install the stock filters (the main problem is the connector, it is rock solid), i want to avoid pod filters due to tuning issues. If i have to ill hack something ti fit the filters i have with the current connectors i bought. https://vrachtwagens.autodoc.nl/lema/14348376


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The upholstery was too difficult, i asked a place that upholsters car seats for a price. Looking forward to that. I moved the electronics tray in the meantime further up. That way i could fit the air filters with the connectors i got. No 3D printed connectors, much better. Time to pull out the bike to bits and pieces and send it to powder-coating.
I ran into a bit of a problem. I want to drop Aprilia RS125 forks. i dry fitted them, bearing fit. My problem was the headlight. i dont want to buy sketchy ebay brackets, so the other option is the way. mounting it from the bottom. I am struggling in finding a headlight under 100 Euros. It doesnt seem logical so spend so muich money for a plastic and a lightbulb. And then there is the problem of fitting it. Has anyone done it?